03 accessories every writer should own

Personalised Diary
One would think that the only accessories a writer requires are a notebook and a pen. But is writing any less of an artform, than say, painting? One glance at a painter’s desk and you would see a riot of paraphernalia. The difference is that a writer’s arsenal are their words that ebb and flow to create a beautiful composition. Writers need inspiration, they too need a muse, a space that nurtures their best thoughts and if you are anything like us, maybe an abundance of chai or coffee as well. In this blog, we have featured a list of writer accessories that we think will foster the writing environment for you and give the write inspiration!
  • A notepad
It’s impossible to know when inspiration may strike you and when you may feel like penning down a few thoughts. You may have a million thoughts running through your mind and why should you let that one brilliant idea slip away? A personalised notepad is small enough for you to take with you. An easy accessory to carry that can fit in your jacket pocket or your bag. This portable option will help you in keeping track of even your briefest notions so that you can ponder over them later! personalised vegan leather notepad
  • A pen stand
A pen stand will ensure that your desk is decluttered and well organised. A clean desk is a clean mind- it will help you navigate your stormy sea of thoughts better if your workspace is tidy and well maintained. Apart from keeping your workstation organised, a pen stand makes it easier to keep everything accessible and within reach. Moreover, a pen stand will make your desk look kept-together and keep your stationary in one place. Personalised Pen Stand
  • Diary/ Journal
It is 2020 and your laptop may be your holy grail and you may have numerous writing softwares installed. Nevertheless, putting your pen to paper is simply more satisfying. Not to mention that it sparks creativity and lets your words flow as you begin writing. A personalised diary is always exciting and will push you to want to write on a fresh, clean page. A journal will also enable you to work more efficiently as you brainstorm- you can make notes, strike off words, make changes in margins or add additional thoughts that you may have later on. There is something very organic about the way that writing in a journal feels, it may just help you streamline everything. Personalised Diary

Here are a few writing tips to help you:

  • The most important thing to do is to show up
A writer’s block is not uncommon. Whenever you feel stuck or helpless, remember to show up. We have recommended a journal to get your creative juices flowing since it is always thrilling to have a fantastic, Instagram-worthy journal to motivate you. Once you start writing daily, it stops feeling like a chore and eventually transforms into a habit. Your notebook will give you the right push to direct you towards productivity and some impressive writing. Personalised Diary, Pencil Case
  • Create a favourable environment
Your environment can play a huge role in how well you are able to write. The workspace is where you are going to spend the maximum amount of time and effort. While the ergonomics of your desk and chair will contribute to how productive you are, it is always ideal to have something that also enhances your mood. Try lighting a candle, cleaning up your space or making playing some soft music in the background to help you start. Your newly organised desk with the pen stand is a good place to start. You should keep away any other distractions such as your gadgets. Your brain will realise that the environment is conducive to helping you write.
  • Brainstorm
The next step to churn out some great writing is to brainstorm and start bouncing off ideas. One very handy tip is to make multiple mind maps to illustrate your writing process. It helps to put your imagination into words and demonstrate your work. It will help you zero in on main pointers and get right to work. You don’t have to be at home or in your office to brainstorm, you can use a notepad to narrow down all of your thoughts even on the go. All these writer accessories will give you the means and motivation you need to attain your goals. It will help you to streamline your thoughts. Hope this helps ease your writing process with the right mindset and accessories. Happy Writing!