05 Vegan Leather Gift Ideas made for Coworkers

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Come to think of it, we spend a majority of our time at work. This includes your colleagues, yes, even the ones you don’t like (don’t worry, your secret's safe with us!). You interact with them on a daily basis and spend most of your waking hours in their company. It is important to sustain a relationship with your coworkers that you can cherish and enjoy. In this busy hustle-bustle of life where you are shuttling between work and home, these are the people that get you through a long day at work. So if you spend hours looking for the right gifts, we have got you covered. Read on to find the perfect gift ideas for coworkers.

Coworker who likes travelling

We have all met that one person who has regaled us with their Goa trip or their European adventure at an office party. For those infected with the travelling bug, we have ideal gift ideas in store to inspire them to plan their next adventure.
  • Personalised Travel Wallet

A travel wallet is invaluable as it will help you keep everything you need in one place when you are rushing at the airport and waiting in queues to get yourself checked in. You often require your boarding ticket and passport to be shown at the airport multiple times such as during the security check. This travel wallet can accommodate both and is a handy accessory to have when travelling so that you have a safe place to keep your essentials.
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  • Personalised Multipurpose Pouch

All avid travelers feel the pain of a unorganised suitcase. A neatly packed and well organised suitcase will save you time that you can use exploring the newest city that you are travelling to. Our Multipurpose pouch is designed to systematically keep your things such as your toiletries together. Not to mention that it is made out of vegan leather- making sure that you stay stylish all round! This pouch will save you the trouble of having to look for things that have messily fallen around in your suitcase during transit.
Coworker who is a workaholic
When you’re having a case of the Monday Blues there is always that one coworker that is obsessed with work who will find a way to motivate you. Them being dedicated to their work is inspirational and can help you power through a rather mundane day. Your workaholic coworker will thank you for these gifts.
  • Personalised Office Folder

The office folder is every tech savvy person’s dream come true. It has a space to hold a tablet and pockets designed to hold cards, a phone, a notebook and a paper pad! The office folder will fit everything important together in a singular folder. If you are looking to gift your coworker a special gift that can be utilised to the maximum, It is a one stop shop!
  • Office Office Black Box

A specially curated gift box for those addicted to their work and can't keep work off their minds. They likely spend most if not all of their time at their desk. What is a better option than giving them something that will instantly uplift and elevate the space they work in? This box contains a personalised pen stand, a personalised notepad and a personalised mousepad. These nifty and convenient items will look chic on your coworker’s desk and they will be ever so thankful to you.

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Coworker who is stylish
For your coworker whose style and effortless fashion you secretly envy, we have the most impeccable gift recommendations. Your coworker who puts in that extra effort to always look put together and stay on trend deserves these office accessories to complete his or her look.
  • Personalised Laptop Organiser

For the fashion aficionado, this laptop organiser is a trendy and chic option. It comes in three colours that blend in well with an office aesthetic- tan, black and brown. This minimal accessory is an effortless way to add that extra oomph as you walk into your office. An added bonus is that it is a minimal design that will also hold other laptop accessories.
  • Personalised Sunglasses Case
Ask any fashion monger, a good pair of sunglasses are absolutely crucial to look elegant. These pieces make a statement rather easily. The personalised sunglasses case with your coworker’s name on it will serve as a great case to house their shades. The inner lining is soft suede to further protect the sunglasses. All of the options mentioned above are destined to be a hit and a raving success among your coworkers. Did we mention that they are all personalised? Nothing suggests that a gift is well thought of more than one that has your name on it!