Unique Travel Accessories For Men

Unique Travel Accessories For Men

Top 6 Travel Accessories For Men

If your social media or Tinder bio reads wanderlust, globetrotter or jet-setter then you are going to love this listicle. Particularly if you love travelling in style, luxury, and the utmost comfort. If you have traveled extensively, you know that it is important to have accessories that make your travels much easier so that you stay up on the top of your traveling game. However, many-a-times we stay ignorant of such god-sent items that make travelling a breeze. That is the reason we have carried out our own hunt and research to present to you the best travel accessories for men. These 6 things on this list are miraculous in their characteristic of making your life much easier and ought to be on all of the men's packing list. So, men, if you want to be at the top of your A-game while travelling these unique travel accessories, are definitely going to be handy. Girlfriends and wives if you are looking for gifts for your significant other and they love to travel or have to travel a lot for work, these are the perfect gifts. Additionally, these accessories are personalised so they make for excellent gifts because they display the effort and thought that you have put into the gift. Plus they definitely up the style quotient. These accessories are also made from premium quality 100% vegan leather that is aged and tanned to perfection. So, not only are they stylish but also ethically and sustainably sourced keeping the environment in mind. What could be a more thoughtful and better gift than these travel accessories that are so thoughtfully crafted? So, here is the list of travel accessories for men.

1. Personalised Multi-Purpose Pouch:

If you love staying organised even when you travel then you are going to love this multi-purpose pouch. You can store all of your travel essentials in this pouch including toiletries (shampoo, body wash, shaving cream, toothpaste, etc), razors, combs, and toothbrushes. It can hold everything together efficiently and is easily portable because of its compact design. Hence it can easily slip into your suitcase or even your backpack. Β This elegant design is brought to life with the sturdy leather sourced through sustainable materials which can withstand rough conditions and keep your items safe from dust and damage. Therefore you can carry it with you in the roughest conditions and on the most gruelling adventures. It comes in three colours (tan, black and brown). You can personalise your multipurpose pouch by adding your name in gold emboss and choosing a metallic pin that best suits your personality. There are twenty-five different charms to choose from! This elegant and chic pouch is the definition of perfection that you can carry with pride and confidence.

2. Personalised Zipper Travel Case:

It is a huge hassle when you have to look through all of your travel documents like passport, visa and boarding pass during the chek-in or the immigration line. Struggling to get all of these documents in one place is not something that you must go through while on a relaxing vacation. If you face these problems then the zipper travel case will definitely please you. Β This beautifully designed travel case has space for a passport, cards including credit and identity cards, boarding pass, a zipper slot for currency and coins with a slot for your documents. Even with all of these slots, the design is compact and can easily fit inside your backpack without taking up too much space. The leather swathed around the wallet is made from sustainably sourced leather and is tanned and aged to perfection. This leather is accompanied perfectly by a masterly finesse, gracefully-woven soft inner-fabric. It is available in three colours- tan, brown and black and you can personalise the name-strip and the metallic charms according to your taste. This is the ultimate travel gadget that helps you keep all your documents organised and in one safe place. Plus, you will look extremely stylish while also being organised.

3. Personalised Keychain:

Keeping track of all your keys when travelling is important lest you lose them on a wild adventure or on a relaxing beach holiday. That is why The Black Box Co. presents to you the good old keychain in a classic avatar. This simple yet elegantly designed keychain is made of vegan leather that has been tanned and aged to perfection and is crafted keeping in mind your individuality. Β You can choose from three colours- brown, tan and black and you can even add a metallic charm that will best suit your personality. You have forty different options to choose from! The keychain can also be personalised according to the colour of the name strip and the embossing that you want. With so many different options and customisations to choose from, your keychain is going to be unique and will reflect your unique individuality and sense of style. Plus, this is the best solution to making sure that you do not keep losing keys. With a keychain this stylish and chic you would never even mistakenly lose your keys again!

4. Personalised Shoe Bag:

If you have been looking for an item that can protect your shoes against dust and damage while travelling and also look damn good while doing it then meet our personalised shoe bag. With its chic and sleek design, this shoe bag comes in handy when you want to protect your loafers, Italian leather boardroom shoes or even just your white sneakers from the dust and grime of the outside world. Β This swanky shoe bag is made from sturdy vegan leather that can withstand any kind of rough conditions you throw at it. It is available in two colours black and brown and can be personalised with your name on it. Even though it is not a car, this classy shoe bag has ample boot space! This classy, swanky and effective shoe bag is bound to make every other man jealous especially when they see you cruising around town in your clean, damage-free shoes.

5. Personalised Mini Travel Wallet:

This mini travel wallet is the epitome of style and it will also help you stay organised and keep all of your travel documents in one safe place. It has optimal pockets and slots for all your travel essentials including passport, boarding pass, cards and money. It even has a slot for a pen so you donÒ€ℒt have to search high and low for a pen to fill out those immigration forms! It is made from premium sustainably sourced 100% vegan leather making it not only classy but also ethical. Β It is available in three colours brown, black and tan. You can even customise this wallet by adding a name strip in a plain or gold embossing. You can add a personalised metallic charm that suits your personality. All of these customisations make the stylish travel wallet as distinct as you are. This personalised travel wallet ensures that you donÒ€ℒt abandon your style quotient while travelling and also stay organised at the same time.

6. Personalised Mini Wallet:

Hate carrying bulky wallets when travelling? Wished you had a wallet that only held your essentials and had a nice compact design that would not create any weird bulges in your pant pockets? If you face these problems, then meet the personalised mini wallet. You can carry your essentials in vogue no matter where you go with this cute mini wallet. This wallet is inspired by the minimal accessory design and is made using premium and sustainably sourced leather that has been aged and tanned to perfection. Β This leather is sturdy and can withstand even the roughest conditions o it will ensure that your essentials are kept safe from dust and damage. The mini wallet has two neat slots for your cards and cash and its compact design is sure to impress your minimalistic aesthetic. It is available in three colours- brown, tan and black. You can customise this wallet according to your tastes by adding a name strip that bears your identity. You can also add a metallic charm that best describes your personality. This mini wallet is your perfect travel friend and its stylish and sophisticated design is sure to make everyone jealous. That concludes the list of the best travel accessories for men. Ladies, you have to agree that these stylish and sauve items made from sturdy vegan leather and can be personalised according to oneÒ€ℒs taste are going to make great gifts for the special man in your life. These travel accessories for men will surely become their new favorite things that they will want to carry around everywhere and not just when they travel. Men, you deserve some self-love so why not treat yourself to these classy travel accessories that I am sure you are already tempted to buy. If you love the items featured in this list, then there is more where that came from. The Black Box Co. has many collections of classy and chic vegan leather products that can be personalised and are extremely functional. Happy Shopping!