Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men

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Unique Personalised Gifts For This Valentine's Day

Love is in the air! The big V-day aka Valentine’s day is drawing near and bringing along with a sprinkling of love, a smattering of Valentine’s day sale and a dash of overpriced chocolates. Proposal day has passed and now even promise day is long gone, yet if you are still scrambling around for the perfect gift for your perfect man then you have stumbled upon the right blog. Even if you best express your love through gifts, shopping for your man is never easy. The biggest challenge is that you want to gift him something that is as sweet and heartfelt as your love and relationship but at the same time is practical and something that he would actually use. Also, you don’t want to be a big, boring cliche and gift him a tie or worse a box of chocolates. No, you want something that is sweet and amazing that will make him feel special and loved. Therefore, what better a gift than one that is personalised according to your taste and his personality? Personalised gifts show the amount of thought and effort that you have put into buying him a gift. They also show how much you know him and that you’ve been paying attention to his likes and dislikes. Ultimately, they are beautiful symbol and reflection of the amazingly special bond that the two of you share. Therefore, to celebrate this beautiful bond, the Black Box Co. has curated a list of amazing, special and personalised gifts that you can give your special man. It does not matter what kind of relationship it is; there is something for everyone. If you are celebrating your first Valentine’s day together or have spent more years than you can count as a happy couple; you will find the perfect gift on this list. It doesn’t matter if he is a connoisseur of fine things or likes to keep up with the latest gadgets or even has a quirky taste; there is something for everyone on this list. So, read on to find the perfect valentine's day personalised gift that will make your man feel like a king and so that you don’t have to resort to cliched tactics to come up with a gift!

1. Personalised Airpods Case:

Personalised Airpods If the man in your life is sometimes more obsessed with his gadgets and toys than he’s with you then this gift is for him. If your man has eagerly awaited the arrival of every Apple product ever released, thinks Steve Jobs is an absolute genius and treats his AirPods like a national treasure, then he will absolutely love and appreciate this custom Airpods case. Roaming around with just the conventional and extremely common white holder of Airpods has become boring. It is time that you upgraded to this cool, chic and suave vegan leather case. This Airpods case can be embossed in gold with your man’s initials and perfectly wraps around your Airpods. It is also extremely functional as it protects your Airpods from dust and damage. It has an easily openable flap that at the same time secures your Airpods too. It comes in three colours- black, tan and brown which means that you can choose the colour he likes best. This Airpods case is the best way to tell your man that you love and accept him and his obsession with technology as long as he accepts your crazy and weird obsessions. In sickness and in health, right?

2. Personalised Whiskey Glasses for 2:

Personalised Whiskey Glasses This is a classy gift like no other! If you and your man love spending your nights drinking and talking about your day or you met for the first time in a bar then these personalised whiskey glasses will bet the perfect celebration of your love and relationship. This gift is also great for your man if he’s a connoisseur of fine things in life like a good glass of whiskey. These finely crafted personalised whiskey glasses redefine class and sophistication. Made from soda-lime glassware, they can be monogrammed with a design of your choosing or personalised with your man’s name written on them. It is a perfect masterpiece of glass with a heavy bottom exclusively made for those long, legendary drinking sessions that culminate in the most fun and special memories. In fact, you can end your perfect Valentine’s day celebration by sharing a deliciously chilled bottle of whiskey poured in these gorgeous glasses. Your man is going to absolutely treasure these glasses as they will set him a class apart. He’s going to love showing them off to his friends and consequently showing off you and your amazing gift-giving skills. If you wanna show your man that he is your King then treat him to these classy glasses and he will thank you by treating you as his Queen.

3. Personalised Couple Travel Wallet:

Couple travel Wallet The couple that travels together stays together. If you and your man love travelling the world together, have #couplegoals pictures that would put travel bloggers to shame or maybe have decided to take up travelling as a resolution in 2020, then these personalised travel wallets are perfect. Added bonus-you get one too! These travel wallets can hold all of your essential travel utilities and are in fact essential travel utilities themselves. With slots for your passport, cards, boarding pass and even a pen among other necessities, you don’t have to scramble while looking for stuff at the airport. The travel wallet also comes equipped with customisable name strip where you can emboss your and your loved one’s name in gold. You can also add a metallic pin and have forty-five different options to choose from so that you can choose one that matches your personalities. The travel wallet is sheathed in vegan leather so no animals were harmed in making of this wallet. This wallet is so cool, chic and classy that you are going to redefine couple goals when you are sporting them. Additionally, since the travel wallets keep all of your travel essentials in one place you will be more organised and on top of your travel game. Trust me, every other couple at the airport ate going to wish that they were you.

4. Knot Cufflinks:

Knot Cufflinks This is the perfect gift is your man has a quirky yet smart sense of style. These simple but smart knot cufflinks are going to be the perfect addition to your man’s collection of cufflinks and to his everyday workwear. These luxurious cufflinks redefine the everyday workwear because they are so sleek, fashionable but still simple and not over-the-top. These cufflinks will add a light splendour to his attire and give his suit a touch of dapper detail. These cufflinks are made from stainless steel and hence are quite sturdy. Their unique design sets them a class apart. If your man loves to test the boundaries between eccentricity and formal, then he is going to absolutely adore these cufflinks. He is going to be the envy of every man in the boardroom and these cufflinks will definitely make sure that all eyes are on him. With these cufflinks, your man is going to carry himself with style and confidence that will make people notice him when he enters the room. Tell your man that he makes your heart all knotty with these cute knot cufflinks!

5. Personalised Writer’s Paradise:

Writers Paradise If your man is the soulful, artistic type who is often lost in his own world and can be found penning down beautiful prose and thoughtful poems then this gift is perfect for him. This is a great gift for someone with an inherent talent for the written word because it contains a sophisticated diary and a classy pencil case. The diary sheathed in vegan leather is straight out of a old-timey detective novel with its unique design. It even has a flap that secures all your precious words and gives an air of mystery and secrecy. The pencil case also swathed in leather is a never-seen-before design that looks absolutely classy. It is basically like royal treatment for your stationery because the inside is wrapped in a velvet lining. Both the diary and the pencil case are available in three colours -black, tan and brown. You can personalise the diary and the pencil case with your man’s name written in a beautiful gold emboss. Additionally, you can add a cute little metallic charm to the diary that will reflect your man’s personality. With this gift, you can show him how much you appreciate and support him and his talent. Maybe he’ll pen down a beautiful poem for you as a token of his appreciation and gratitude for such a great gift! There you have it, the list of five personalised gifts that your man is absolutely going to love and cherish this Valentine’s Day. With these gifts, you can portray just how much you love and cherish your man and how special he and your relationship is to you. But, don’t overthink the gift and put yourself in a frenzy. He will love any gift that comes from you because it came straight from your heart. If you love the items featured on the list then the Black Box Co. has more amazing personalised Gifts for you. Happy shopping and a very happy Valentine’s Day!