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Personalised Gifts For Men

Personalised Gift Ideas For Men

Ladies, all the men in your life from your father to your significant other need some appreciation for all the wonderful things that they do and all the ways that they make your life better. These men are always by your side taking care of you, supporting you and loving you unconditionally. Therefore, it is high time that they got the appreciation that they deserve. Typically in relationships, it is always the man who is supposed to plan all the dates, special days, get gifts and flowers and in general be romantic. But, how about we switch it up a little? After all, it is 2020; this is the time to progress ahead in terms of our thoughts and actions. This is the time for girls making the first move, buying flowers, chocolates, planning special days, giving gifts etc. That is why for the twenty-first century relationship- one that is modern and does not conform to archaic views- The Black Box Co. has come up with a collection of super unique and personalised gifts for men. These personalised gifts for men go beyond the cliched and boring tie and cufflinks that are the standard gifts to men. These classy and sophisticated gifts crafted from vegan leather shine not only in their looks but also in their high functionality. In a league of their own, they are true reflections of the modern man- suave, put-together and righteous and will hence be perfect gifts for one. Since they are personalised according to your tastes, they are a class apart from regular gifts. They display the amount of thought, effort and care that went into picking out the gift and the receiver of these gifts will genuinely feel the love and appreciation as a result of this extremely thoughtful. So, read on to find out how to shower the men in your life with love through this unconventional, unique, and chic gifts.

1. Personalised Sunglasses Case:

Β Is the man in your life a connoisseur of all things sau1qve and stylish? Does he protect his fancy stuff with his life and doesnÒ€ℒt even allow one speck of dust to linger anywhere near it? Then this cool personalised sunglasses case is perfect personalised gifts for men. He now doesnÒ€ℒt have to keep his stylish sunglasses in any old random case procured from an optometrist. This sunglasses case is sturdy and crafted from aged and tanned to perfection vegan leather. It has a soft suede lining inside that keeps your eye accessories dust and scratch-free. It is compatible with sunglasses of all shapes and sizes but it is still compact enough to easily slip into your pockets to make it easier for transporting. It is available in three colours-black, brown and tan. The name strip itself can be customised according to gold or plain emboss. Now, not only can he feel like Maverick from Top Gun with his stylish sunglasses but his sunglasses will also feel protected and exclusive in his classy sunglasses case. Plus this case will help him steal the limelight wherever he goes.

2. Personalised Mini Wallet:

Β If the man in your life hates carrying around bulky wallets, is a fan of the minimalistic aesthetic and would prefer a small wallet that only holds the essentials especially while travelling then this personalised mini wallet is perfect for him. Inspired by minimal accessory design and curated with sustainably derived leather, this mini wallet is your perfect travel friend. The wallet has two separate slots for cards and cash and is compact so that it can easily slip into your pockets without creating weird bulges that are characteristic of bulky wallets. The mini wallet is available in three colours-tan, brown and black and can be customised according to your liking with a name strip that bears your identity. In addition to that, you can even choose the colour of the embossing on the name strip. With all these customizations and options, the mini wallet that you personalise will truly be one of a kind just like the man in your life. He will really appreciate this gift as it will help him carry only the essentials like cards and cash while travelling instead of lugging all the stuff in his usual wallet around.

3. Personalised Key Holder:

Β In life, it is the small things that matter and the little things that give you happiness like this personalised key holder. If your man keeps losing keys or forgetting them in every place, this key holder is the perfect solution for that. This chic key holder is crafted from ethically sourced leather. It is available in two different colours-blue and black. You can even add a personalised vintage metallic charm that matches your personality and of course, you can personalise the name strip to bear your identity. Additionally, the key holder is compact enough for easy portability and will fit into pockets without any problems. So, gift the man in your life this charming, uber-cool and chic key holder because even small things need to be beautiful as they have a big impact on us. If this key holder isnÒ€ℒt classy enough, we donÒ€ℒt know what would be!

4. Personalised Diary:

Β Is the man in your life always lost in his own thoughts, loves to pen down his musings, is a romantic poet or a budding fiction author then this personalised dairy is going to be his perfect confidante apart from you of course. This gorgeous dairy is carved from the finest of ethically sourced leather that has been tanned and aged to perfection. It possesses a very unique design and has a secure flap. This A5 diary bears the mark of finesse & you can customise the shade of the leather (black, brown, and tan), the shade and emboss of the name strip and the vintage metallic charm that best suits your personality. There are twenty-five different metallic charms to choose from so each diary that you craft will be as unique as the thoughts that you pen down in it. This urbane and charming diary will be the perfect gift for a man who loves randomly making note of his thoughts and feelings. Now he can do that in a stylish manner and be the envy of every other man. Plus he might be so grateful that he may just write you a romantic poem on the spot as a symbol of his gratitude.

5. Personalised Pen Stand:

Β If you think that a pen stand maybe a lame gift to give the man in your life then think again. This classy and sophisticated pen stand is far from lame. Made from synthetically sourced leather this pen stand steals the limelight in every office and desk. Its unique and minimalist design makes it a perfect office accessory. It is also compact enough to sit on your desk and will not take up too much space. It is available in three different colours like brown, black and tan. The name strip can also be customised according to the shade of the name strip and the embossing. When heÒ€ℒs working so hard to get what he wants, why not make his life a whole lot easier with this pen stand. He would never have to look around for stationary again and will always be on top of his game professionally. It will also make his table look much cleaner and add a professional touch to any office table. Thi suave and stylish pen stand will be the talk of his office and will definitely become his favourite piece of stationery.

6. Personalised Workaholic Gift Box:

Β If the man in your life is a true workaholic who worships his work is a superfluous and vigilant professional, then show him how much you appreciate all the work that he does with personalised workaholic gift box. A highly useful gift for a person always on-the-go contains one personalised diary, cardholder, and keychain. Crafter keeping a minimalistic aesthetic in mind this gift box is the epitome of class elegance and professionalism. The diary, cardholder and the keychain are made from synthetically sourced vegan leather that has been aged and tanned to perfection. Going beyond just the essentials, the customisable items wrapped in vegan leather adds a flair of finesse to the regular professional attire. This gift box has everything your man would need to stay on top of his game and always appear organised and professional. It will also show him that you support him in all of his endeavors and want only the best and the finest for him. That concludes the list of top 6 unique and personalised gifts for men. As you can see these gifts are a class apart, cruelty-free as they are made from vegan leather and are extremely high in functionality. They are also very different from the common and standardised gifts and since they are personalised these gifts ensure that they will be cherished by the recipient. If you love all the items that are featured in this collection then there is more where that came from. The Black Box Co. has amazing personalised gifts for men made with vegan leather which makes that a great gift.