The Ultimate International Travel Packing List

Travel Accessories
Regardless of whether your travels are seldom planned or that you happened to be a globetrotter, there are a set of things that travelling individuals would require to have with themselves as a mandate and while itemizing and prioritization of these can sometimes be a nerve-wracking, thus, The Black Box Co decided to step in with an intent to provide aid and utilities to your travelling with the ultimate travel packing list. Travel, no matter how fun it may truly be, begins with tedious planning not only for destinations, accommodation, commute and all of the later phases in travelling but also for itemizing the essentials like toiletries and hygiene and personal care among your luggage, which again would be planned in accordance with the weather or climate of the travel-destination, unless you're a hitchhiker, vagabond who cares less for the destination but cherishes the journey of uncertainty. So, unless you're one or all of the above, this is the ultimate, go-to travel packing list that you must most definitely check out. And precisely on that note, our team has once again put together a Black Box-version, ultimate packing list which focuses on the little things that would essentially matter in one’s travel venture. Here goes…


 Our list begins with smart luggage utilities and essentials for frequent travellers or flyers who preferably travel light and in style. Plus, for the ones dreading the idea of ruining their neatly packed and arranged luggage for frequently used accessories and devices viz iPod, earplugs, earphones, etc; the Black Box had taken the liberty to come up with a remedy which may not be as damaging as the fanny-pack, when it comes to style and fashion and thus brought to you the Globetrotter. This box encases a passport holder, a pair of luggage tags and a stylish pouch, all of which is pure vegan leather with options for customization and embossing of special characters, symbols, initials along with the user's name in bold.

Travel Tricks

 Meanwhile, the fine regional cuisine and farm-fresh local produce of Lyon, with its neighbouring locations like the Rhone Valley, well known for its wine culture since ancient history continue to call you or the white sandy beaches and the turquoise blue seas of Fiji is wanting you to go crazy with your itinerary and travel packing list, however, the most essential items on this list are the travel documents which will enable your transit within these foreign lands. While some comfortable and familiar with travelling routines and smart luggage respectively, may consider this to be one of those — “common sense says it all,” situations. Nonetheless, Travel tricks; soulfully inclined towards less frequent/newer fliers, preferring to avoid the chances of having a fit while trying to organize their boarding permits, customs and visa documents, passports, etc is the perfect item or gifting idea for someone in the process of getting comfortably familiar with flying. The items in this box consist of a pair of leather tags for your luggage and a travel wallet with 21 separate pocket spaces all-in-one for holding currencies, travel and boarding documents, a passport and more.

Personalised Shoe Bag

 There are tons of options when it comes to travel essentials, however, the Black Box has assorted this particular item with versatility in mind while also bearing a vision for tending to the little things that are often overlooked upon and taken for granted. It's your shoes! However, on another note, if you are an individual whose work demands travelling, presentations, keynotes, etc then the Black Box's shoe bag is just the thing you need. So, next time your precious Aldo, Franco Leone or Jimmy Choo, don't go wrapped in a sheet of polythene but within a smooth, sleek, 100% vegan leather bag with an option to choose between the shades: glamours black and tan brown and a complimentary personalization opportunity of embossing the owner's name or initials on the bag. Although, it is a well-acknowledged fact that the nitty-gritty to travel planning and packing is endless, albeit, our team have purposefully curated this particular list bearing in mind the travel needs of the newer generation who willingly go light on their luggage while keeping comfort, accessibility and mobility in the forefront. Therefore, if there was something that caught your periphery, don’t think twice before you grab it! You like it, we box it! If you fancied our shortlisted customizable, personalised gifts and travel utilities, we’ve got a whole wide list of other customizable goodies and accessories/merchandise which may leave you engrossed in scrolling through them as the clock passes you. Moreover, stay tuned with the Black Box, as you’d only hate to miss out on what may come ahead.