Top 5 Personalised Office Stationery Every Working Professional Needs!

This is a shoutout to all our detail-oriented and narcissistically meticulous corporates, particularly the ones who adhere to the neo-formal culture, however, a much modern and trending approach to the formal code. Owing to an extensive and detailed technological reform that has resulted in notepads to being replaced by an iPads and so on, office stationery has gone way past a piece of stationery in your breast pocket to the inclusion of styluses, drawing pads, etc. While most business cultures and peer circles have adapted to these innovations, they have also perceived them to be succeeding formal work-cultures towards a more employee comfort-centric model like sporting informal dress code, etc, presenting these flexibilities/leverages as incentives for yielding the best of what staff has to offer. Despite the levy these newer work-cultures promote, some individuals still prefer themselves to look sharp and game at all times and via the concept of new-age approach to formal apparels which has served as an inspiration for curating this particular list featuring the, β€˜Top 5 must-have personalised office stationery,’ we bring to you a range of sleek, subtle and premium made goodies and table-delights you’d not want to miss out on. So make sure to not blink as you scroll. Considering the shift of redundant paper-bound activities to becoming digitally accessible services, it is practically impossible from a business-oriented perspective to avoid leveraging mobile devices like tablets and smartphones as convenient, fast and efficient mediums of communication and learning. Excluding gaudy and loud while taking into account subtlety and charm, the Black Box presents to you the customizable tablet organizer. Crafted completely from sustainable vegan leather, the organizer serves as a sturdy-built, robustly compartmentalized, one-stop accessory with dedicated storage pockets for other electronic-communications utilities and also comes with the option of personalizing its outer surface with a pendant or special symbol/character of your preference along with the name of the user embossed on it.

Personalised Notepad:

Β After making sure our tech-related accessory-requirements are satiated, we once again jump back to basics. Given the leverage technology has given us over tasks, management and data storage one can’t simply ignore the flipside of being overly dependant on them, however, considering the importance of raw data in case of a system failure or data crash. Thus presenting, the Black Box customizable notepad. Sheathed in the sustainable vegan leather casing, the notepad comes in shades of black and brown with a personalization option of getting its users name embossed on it.

Personalised Cardholder:

Our next-in-line is interestingly an element of style and an extending manifestation of one's persona. Quite literally, the Black Box cardholder is what encases the identity, nature and image of oneself and their respective businesses. Ultimately, what makes this particular accessory interesting is that it comes in three different built-renditions v.i.z. the seamlessly sleek stainless steel-built cardholder, the toned-leather cardholder rendition and finally the contemporary wooden-textured designer leather cardholder, all of which could have your name embossed on it as the additional final charm.

Personalised mousepad:

Moving through a bunch of options that have also proved to be potential fashion-statement attributes, the Black Box team has been thoughtful for also providing styling options for your desk or workstation. However, we’ve made sure to stick to our premium leather look even for the featuring mousepad and it successfully got through as stylish, classy and elegant at the same time. This state-of-the-art piece of office stationery is once again crafted from sustainable vegan leather, available in a variety of tanned shades with a dedicated loop for stationery or styluses and personalization options.

Personalised notepad:

Although we have navigated through almost all our featured office accessories and utilities to the final item on the list, it definitely, however, shouldn’t be considered as the least cared for table accessory. Therefore, in order to leave your office stationery collection with a similar charm as that of icing and cherry on a pastry and on that note; the Black Box pen stand. With personalizing options like embossment of the user’s name on its surface, the pen stand crafted with vegan leather is again made available in shades of black, brown and tan. Simply put, the ideal gifting option for your workaholic friend/relative/acquaintance or a personal takeaway for yourself. With that, our list of personalised gifting office accessories comes to conclusion. However, if our concepts and renditions appealed you then you mustn’t think twice to look into our collection under the broadhead of The Black Box Co. You Like it? We Box it!