Top 3 Personalised Whiskey Accessories For Whiskey Lovers

Persoanlised Whiskey Glass
Gifting has always been a tricky terrain to manoeuvre, taking into account all the guesswork that goes with picking something for your well-wisher, hoping they’d like what they received or at least land someplace closer to the targeted intention of pleasing someone. With all the options out there, made available to us owing to the entropic world-wide-web it couldn’t be easier, however, every individual chooses differently their likes and dislikes. While some may simply be moved by the gesture the other may be a less-expressing friend who’d prefer utilities against mementoes and goodies but doesn’t mean they mean lesser because they’re dear. So, precisely on that note, the BlackBox team would like to present you with our latest curated list of personalised whiskey accessories for all the gentlemen who indulge in alcohol and celebration thus, bringing to you our list of Top 3 personalised whiskey accessories a whiskey lover must-have.

1. Personalised Metal Coaster

Making its way to the top of the list is our collection of metal coasters with the option of getting it personalised with embossments of your choice. However, the Black Box also gives you the option of having your stainless steel-built coaster monogrammed with a design of your choosing. So, if you know yourself to be meticulous when it comes to keeping your station or dining table free of liquid stains from the bottom rim of a glass or a friend who shares the sentiment, this is the thing for you.

2. Personalised Hip Flask

Personalised Hip Flask We all know the purpose of a hip flask and for someone who truly believes and is in need of one, the benefits of a hip flask. However, mankind has long moved past their dogmas, denying the choice of an individual as far as liquor is concerned. Therefore, one no longer needs to hide their poison in an ergonomic flask that blends with an individual’s body-outline, but then, the flask went on to become a fashion symbol which many Rock-and-Roll celebrities sported as an extension of their charm. Today, even Prince William’s got one considering a hip flask’s embeddedness in Aristo-culture. Nonetheless, in present times, a hip flask is commonly considered as a groomsman’s gift, often a gesture expressed by someone close and precisely why it makes it to the second place on our list. Know any familiar, up-coming occasion? Well, now you know what to pack for your groomsman friend.

3. Whiskey Business

Persoanlised Whiskey Glass And, once again the people’s favourite, the β€˜Whiskey Business,’ makes it to our curation. An assorted Blackbox consisting of a heavy bottom whiskey glass with a custom monogram-option or embossing of a customer’s choice. The Blackbox also consists of a pair of whiskey stones. While most of you may know what it is, these stones were a solution to the β€˜dilution effect’ of ice which rendered these sophisticatedly aromatic and flavoured beverages lose their charm. Since, these stones don’t melt, while ensuring your drink remains cool without tampering with layers of sealed flavours you’d look forward to relishing. If you fancied our shortlisted customizable, personalised gifts and utilities for whiskey lovers, we’ve got a whole wide list of other customizable goodies which may leave you engrossed. Moreover, stay tuned with the Black Box, as you’d only hate to miss out on what may come ahead. You like it, we box it!