5 apps every budding influencer should use

Influencers make their jobs look rather easy, when that is not the case. An aesthetic photo with just the right amount of lighting and a correct caption to capture the essence of the sentiment can take more work than you can imagine. The industry of influencers has seen a meteoric rise in the past few years with influencers being seen as tastemakers as opposed to just traditional celebrities. Influencers have leveraged social media platforms such as Instagram to cater to niche audiences and create relevant content. We are here to help budding influencers take their content to a whole new level. With plenty of competition, we have curated a list of Influencer apps that you can use to do your best influencing!

#01 For your editing needs: VSCO

Have you ever looked at a photograph on Instagram that makes you wonder how it was shot on a smartphone? The secret is editing your photos to make them look like they have been captured from a professional camera. VSCO is an editing application that you can download on your phone to instantly elevate your photos. This app is equipped to add an oomph, with a large collection of filters and presets to add to your photos,. You can work on the contrast, saturation and exposure to edit your photos. The app provides a mixture of vibrant as well as soft filters and is a handy and easy editing tool to use.

#02 For your designing needs: Canva

Canva is an online design platform that gives you the ability to quickly and easily create beautiful graphics. They have a large set of prebuilt templates that can be used as is especially if you are a novice. Canva has you covered with a vast array of powerful features such as fonts, graphics and photographs that can instantaneously uplift your creation. This application offers easy solutions such as the drag and drop editor to customise your design. Tap into your creative side and get to work with this powerful yet extremely accessible app!

#03 For your hashtag needs: Autohash

Using hashtags correctly can greatly benefit you. Firstly, when you use a hashtag, it is clickable and can lead more audience to your post. This enables you to reach a wider range of people who may not be following you as your post will appear on the page for the hashtag. Moreover, using relevant hashtags will lead those that are interested and following the hashtag to your page. You can use Autohash to upload the picture that you would like to post and the algorithm will generate a list of hashtags relevant to your photo. Yes, it really is that simple! You can add these hashtags to your post and voila! That's it. Autohash will analyse your image and will help you increase your engagement with hashtags. #04 For your management needs: Later One thing that is crucial to being a successful influencer is being consistent with your posts. Later will let you pre-schedule your posts and is the ultimate key to managing your content. You can schedule the posts from your computer as well and pre-schedule them to be auto published. This magical app will help you streamline everything and regulate your posts so that your followers know when to expect them. Creating a system on social media and having a well-organised feed with Later will definitely boost your reach.

#05 For you to analyse your performance: Instagram Insights

This useful tool is native to Instagram and helps you measure the performance of your posts. You can use Instagram Insights once you have a business account. It provides you with data regarding statistics such as page views, likes, saves, reach, impressions, follows, website visits, etc. Gaining a clearer understanding of your audience and the demographic will also guide you in creating content that will strike a note with your followers. All of this information is highly useful in gauging your performance on Instagram. It can certainly help you decide on a nifty strategy! We hope that you get cracking with these convenient and easy to use tools. If you are an aspiring influencer, look no further and start generating awesome content with these apps!