05 Travel Accessories you need on your next road trip

Travel accessories
We’ve almost had this entire year to plan our next road trip. You best believe that we are more than ready to get going (with the right precautions in place, of course). Saint Augustine is supposed to have famously said that “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”. Well, we are here to help you read the whole book. Travelling is most definitely an acquired skill and as all skills go, practice makes perfect! Here are 5 travel accessories that will enhance this skill and elevate your next road trip experience.

1. Personalised Keychain A keychain is the crucial piece in ensuring that you never lose your car keys again. These are arguably the most important when you are taking a road trip and will leave you stranded if you happen to lose them. To avoid doing this rather dreary outcome, choose to accessories your set of keys with a personalised keychain. This travel accessory will minimise the chance of misplacing your keys and will bear your name on it, making them instantly recognisable.

personalized keychains If you are going to be spending a lot of time behind the wheel, you will have to be alert and in order to stay stress-free the last thing you should have to worry about it is your keys. A keychain will definitely come in handy!

2. Multipurpose pouch A travel pouch will hold all your essentials in one place and ensure that your journey is much smoother. You need a place to store all your items and with more people in the car, you can only carry limited luggage due to space issues. Choose to keep things that you will need constantly well within your reach such as a hand sanitiser, extra masks, gloves and face wipes. Differently, you can also store your IDs, any important papers or even make a small first aid kit in the pouch and have it all consolidated in the case of an emergency.

Personalised Multi Purpose Pouch

3. Sunglasses Case It is highly likely that you will be travelling with the windows down at some point (insert Dil Chahta Hai moment) and it is imperative that you shield your eyes from any particles in the wind that may irritate your eyes. Sunglasses help in preventing eye diseases related to the sun if there is prolonged exposure and help you see better in bright light. To keep your sunglasses in top shape, keep them nestled safe and cozy in a sunglasses case, when not in use. Taking care of your sunglasses will keep the glass free of any scratch marks and will sustain their life as well.

The lenses on your sunglasses are delicate and need to be well-protected if you want to keep using them for a long time. The suede lining of this case will protect your sunglasses from dust. You can simply dump your case in your carry on bag without having to worry about breakage. Vegan Leather Sunglsses Case

4. Double Zip Pouch If you can’t tell already, we are big fans of organisation! Stay organised and efficient with this personalised double zip pouch. It provides plenty of storage and you can even segregate your things with the availability of two compartments. Staying neat and tidy with this pouch will save you precious time on your road trip. You can choose to store your toiletries in this minimalistic pouch and look flawless with the design of the pouch!

Zippered pouch

5. Gadget organiser A good playlist is to a road trip what fuel is to a car, you simply cannot function without the other! Whether you're planning to listen to a podcast or play some music, you will most likely require multiple wires, headphones, chargers to keep all your gadgets charged. This gadget organiser was made just for you! You will be oh so thankful to us to find your wires tangle free and optimally stored.

Personalized gadget organiser Equipped with these 5 travel accessories, all you will need is a destination, a map and good company. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and stock up on plenty of snacks before you hit the road! Since the pandemic has still not receded, be careful in undertaking measures to stay as safe as possible. Don't forget to sanitise your hands and wear a mask. Lastly, remember to check up on your license and vehicle related papers and you are all set! Follow us on Instagram for updates on new launches and announcements.