Best Personalised Travel Accessories to Gift to Your Favourite Couples

Personalised Double Zip Pouch
Remember 31st January, 2019? It was New Year’s Eve and the excitement to welcome another year was in the air only to be replaced by something much more vicious, huh! But who would’ve ever known, right? The pandemic beat us to every plan we had for 2020. We spent an entire year under lockdown. Sometimes officially imposed, sometimes self-sustained, but the fact remains we spent an ENTIRE year at home. However, something truly heart wrenching was the inability to gang up and join our friends in the once in a lifetime celebration of their wedding! An occasion we’ve spent years discussing with our best buddies! But now that travelling is back on the cards, grab the perfect opportunity of giving the newlywed some wonderful personalised travel accessories for their long overdue honeymoon. Personalised vegan leather accessories from The Black Box Co. are perfect travelling companions and at the same time make for brilliant gifts! So here are some of the best personalised travel accessories you can give to your newly married friend!

1. Personalised Couple Travel Mini Wallet

Personalised Mini Travel Wallet Gift BoxThe Personalised Couple Travel Mini Wallet set does not just comprise wallets that hold your money. Infact, this stylish product encompasses your passports, credit cards, debit cards, your boarding passes, and can even hold on to a pen for those unpredictable ‘does anyone have a pen?’ times. Customize it with a metallic pin that is a reflection of your individuality or a symbol of your love and personalise it with your name. Made from vegan leather and available in 3 fashionable colors, this set lets one travel in style.

2. Personalised Bag Tags

Luggage tagLet’s be real! The most exasperating phase of travelling is the wait for your luggage to arrive. And guess what adds to the exasperation? IDENTICAL BAGS. But thankfully, the fix is easy. Mark your bags with these Personalised Bag Tags and stand apart. Track your luggage with ease and slay in style at the same time. The adjustable strap securely attaches to your luggage, while the variety of colors and vegan leather make you à la mode!

3. Travel Pouches: Personalised Multipurpose Pouch & Personalised Double Zip Pouch

Perssonalised Multipurpose Pouch Are you organised or are you organised with compartments involved? Either way, we have pouches that serve your needs. Our Personalised Multipurpose Pouch is a single pocketed pouch with enough room for to store your travel essentials. And on the other hand, our Personalised Double Zip Pouch is for those who derive happiness from arranging their items a little more systematically than the others. And who refuses some extra space while travelling? So divulge in ample space and don’t leave any of your belongings behind anymore! With some of the most amazing travelling accessories to choose from, let your loved ones feel special with The Black Box Co. Curate a box of love with us!