Five Personalised Office Accessories that Make the Perfect First Day at Work Gift

Vegan leather laptop organiser
Remember the thrill of your first job? Or the happiness you felt, while checking off this significant milestone off your list? The stirring blend of nervous anticipation and excitement that kept you up all night? When you look back, do you recollect the lingering feeling of independence that was almost in your reach, your first interaction with a colleague, the first cup of coffee you made early in the morning, your first ever desk that you decorated with personalised office accessories? ItÒ€ℒs fascinating how placing a few personal items on a completely strange desk, in a completely unfamiliar environment is enough to make us feel at home. The specialty of personalising your workspace and your things, is the attachment it leads to. The emotional connection that we end up forming with our paraphernalia. The notorious pandemic that hit us last year, truly robbed a copious amount of people from the pleasure of setting up their own office desks. But with offices going back to the traditional ways of working, now is the perfect time for you to surprise someone with a gift that makes their office space feel homely, yet chic, while also providing protection from dust and of course, the virus! Here are 5 easy-to-personalise items you could give to someone and make their first day at work a memorable one with the help of The Black Box Co.:
  1. Personalised Laptop Organiser :

Vegan leather laptop organiserStay organised, stay in style, and look elegant - all at the same time with our personalised laptop organiser! Designed for convenience, this organiser looks minimalistic. But it solves those office woes, while simultaneously protecting the gadgets.

2. Personalised Multipurpose Pouch: Perssonalised Multipurpose PouchIsnÒ€ℒt it maddening to find an amalgamation of items just lying scattered in your bag? The mess is not only off-putting, but also leads to a massive waste of time. Especially when something needs to be fetched ASAP. So what is to be done? Well, the answer is a simple one. Assemble your items in this compact personalised multipurpose pouch that will allow you to store and retrieve your things in a systematic manner!

3. Personalised Keychain Holder: Personalised keychain holder for office Available in three different colors - black, brown, and tan, this is a gift thatÒ€ℒs bound to be loved. Crafted in such a way that it reflects oneÒ€ℒs individuality, this personalised keychain holder lets you add a charm of your choice and also have your name embossed. Talk about choices and personalisation, huh?

4. Personalised Document Sleeve: Personalised document sleeveThe orgnisersÒ€ℒs paradise is here. This is THE perfect product for someone who strictly wants to stay mess free. With different compartments for your laptop and documents, tell us this ainÒ€ℒt a catch? Personalise this lightweight sleeve with the recipientÒ€ℒs name and metallic charm of choice, and watch them swoon with happiness! 5. Personalised Penstand: Personalised pen stand for stationery loversWith a gift for just about everyone, the last item on this list is our personalised penstand , which is loved by anyone and everyone who is even vaguely fond of stationery! So embody your mighty sword(s) in this royal receptacle and feel like royalty yourself! These are some of the chic vegan leather products you choose for the people that actually matter to you. Express your gratitude and make their day with these personalised office accessories. Curate a black box with love!