Top 4 Classy Suit Accessories You Need To Get For A Party!

Hand of the king cufflinks

Gentlemen, this time it's all about you!

While covering a range of wine and whiskey utilities along the way, The Black Box, brings with it a range of personalised suit accessories for each of you gentlemen who've upheld the essence of being a man with perseverance, dignity and style in crucial times while also being subject to prejudices and having said that, The Black Box does acknowledge the importance of a man's need to look right in a subtle fashion while also looking sharp. Thus, taking into account all of this, we come bearing gifts! Offering our fine men the option to go experimental with a dash of funky, other than the ever-immortal classic, solid coloured go-to options. So sit back and enjoy being pampered with gifting options that you Gentlemen, gentlemen rightly deserve. With an extensive collection of suit accessories for you to choose from, the Black Box co team has taken the liberty to shortlist a few picks and here are some.

1. Multi-Coloured Pocket Square

Pocket Square Topping our list of handpicks of suit accessories is something that'll always be close to your heart. By which we mean, 'literally close to your heart' and thus presenting our exclusive range of breast pocket squares. With creative options for all formal occasions, we've taken the notch up while introducing the Multi-coloured pocket square, for younger gentlemen initiating themselves into the order of men representing class and chivalry.

2. Spectacle Pocket Square

Pocket Square However, theBlackBoxco has also curated a line of new-age renditions of squares. Among the few, the Spectacle pocket square, is a perfect gifting option advisedly for the much-seasoned older gentlemen who do not need novelties like 'whiskey stones' to establish themselves as cool, simply put; men who represent themselves as ambassadors of, 'The League of Class-apart Senior Gentlemen.'

3. The Hand of The King Cufflinks

Hand Of The King Cufflinks The next item in line goes hand-in-glove with the earlier mentioned gifting choices for seasoned gentlemen, The Hand of the King cufflinks. Making its way through gifting options like scotch/whiskey accessories or various other unusual whiskey-related gift ideas for men, the hand of God cufflinks, along with the other diverse options of cufflinks is the perfect gift idea for men who go beyond stereotypes. After all, a glass of scotch even in the most responsible hands is just arguably classy, but it is the hands of these seasoned gentlemen who've sported cufflinks and brought charm to anything they laid their hands on since its inception to this date.

4. Lapel Pins

hand of the king lapel pin Having put our best foot forward, the story simply doesn't end. Owing to our list of gifting-option extending across multiple personal accessorizing possibilities, our handpicks comes to conclusion while embarking on the significance and essence of detail and thus presenting our personal collection of lapel pins. While traditionally being referred to as an enamel pin, lapel pins have forever served as an extension of a man's identity, portraying his code to be that of a gentleman's. So, the thought considering this to be another flattering gift idea is an idea you should put your money on. Think our list caught your attention? Check more of our personalised gift utilities and accessories which can possibly fit your personal list of potential gifting option. After all, our men too, deserve to be pampered with gifts of their liking once in a while. So on that note: ready your shopping shoes, pull up your socks and off you go into a spree! You like it? We box it!