Why To Wear A Pocket Square This Wedding Season

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This is a final call for all the men out there who are utterly stumped about what to wear this wedding season. We have two words for you- Pocket Square. It can make any smart-casual clothes, for example, suits and blazers look festive and party-ready. Since they are generally used for occasions that require to be dressed up, It is a perfect accessory for a wedding outfit. The best part is that it can complement your other accessories, like shoes, tie, boutonniere, watch, etc. A pocket square makes sure that you do not overshadow the groom on his special day while also allowing your unique personal style to reflect through. What once started as symbols of wealth and status are making their way into menswear trends and our hearts. Nonetheless, there are rules and etiquettes to wearing a pocket square which have been listed below in our comprehensive pocket square guide.
  • Pocket square size:
The fold and the pocket square style that you want to achieve are greatly impacted by the size of the pocket socket square and hence affects how it looks in your pocket. It is best to avoid pocket squares that are less than 40 cm and bigger than 45 cm. This is a good rule of thumb because they are inherently very light and hence will keep slipping down in your pocket which can be a nuisance if you have to keep retrieving it every time from your pocket. On the other hand, squares designed from heavy fabrics can be around 30 cm.
  • When to wear a pocket square?
There isnÒ€ℒt really an occasion while wearing it should be considered inappropriate. It all depends on the degrees, for example, for a conservative look, a square that is shade or two lighter than your jacket would be better. Something that provides a little bit of contrast also works. If you are wearing a black or grey suit, a tonal monochrome shade of pocket square will look appealing. For example, a poping red makes crisp blue suits stand out. For a formal setting, a square that is mostly white but has colored edging or even a light pattern provides a relatively conservative look.
  • How to match the tie and the pocket square?
In modern dressing etiquette, matching your pocket square to your tie and bowtie is a big no-no; so donÒ€ℒt do it even though it looks like an easy way to bring your outfit together. As mentioned above, it should complement your outfit and it can do this by harmonising or contrasting with your outfit. A good rule of thumb is to match the colour palette of the pattern or print of it should be the primary colour of your tie. You can even select a square that is one shade lighter or darker from the primary colour of your outfit. If you wish to make it the centre of attention of your outfits, a good idea is to make it clash with the ensemble. The bolder you are, the better your outfit will look so experiment with electric prints and textured materials.
Listed below are a few rules that should be kept in mind while donning the pocket square:
  1. It is always a good idea to select the secondary colour from your shirt or tie as the core colour of your pocket square.
  2. It is essential that you match the fold with the occasion you are going to. For a more formal or business setting, the flat fold or one or two-point fold can be used. A more casual setting like a wedding requires some flair and a classic puff fold or a more flamboyant fold can be considered.
  3. Overdoing patterns is usually a no-no and some falt colours in your ensemble can go a long way in making you look distinguished and stylish.
  4. If you are in a complete fix about which pocket squares to select then the classic white pair well with every suit and jacket.
Now that we have achieved an understanding of how to select pocket square; letÒ€ℒs navigate the minefield that is how to fold it. As mentioned above, in the rules, the fold of your pocket square should fit the occasion. The classic fold is also known as the flat fold or presidential fold was famous in the 50s and 60s and fits a formal setting. Here we have mentioned three folds that will suit the wedding season and add flare to your ensemble.
  • The puff fold:
    This is one of the simplest folds to master is also very popular. First, you lay your pocket square flat in front of you and pinch it in the centre with your forefinger and thumb. Then you lift it up and take your free hand to make a circle with your forefinger and thumb. This should be done approx halfway down. The next step is to twist the pocket square firmly so that it is held in place. Then you take the bottom part of the pocket square i.e. the corners and fold it upwards. Your pocket square should be as long as your pocket. Now you would want to place the square in your pocket and adjust it till you get the right shape and all the colours are on display.
  • The stairs fold:
    This fold looks complex but looks can be deceiving because this fold is relatively easy to master. It provides a clean finish to your ensemble. A good idea is to use a square with a pattern on it so that there is a beautiful differentiation on the stairs. To start off, the square should be laid in a diamond shape in front of you. Then around one third to the top, take a point horizontally on opposite sides of the square using your thumb and forefinger. Then fold this point upwards towards the top point. This process should be repeated four times using the central points on the left and the right. This creates folds that are laid on top of the previous folds. The square is lifted up by pinching it in the middle and is then vertically folded in half. It is easier to lay it back down and then the excess fabric is folded behind the square by lifting the left fold. The right side fabric is folded underneath to ensure it is the size of your pocket. The square is then placed in the pocket and the stairs are adjusted so that there is a sharp and pointy top.
  • The reverse puff:
    This flamboyant fold adds flair and style to a straightforward outfit and can be easily mastered. It is best used when your pocket square has a contrasting colour on its border. The beginning of making this fold is quite similar to that of the puff. This is that after laying it down flat in front of you, you pinch the centre and make a circle with your other hand about halfway down the square. The square is then twisted firmly and turned around one-eighty degrees. Then the bottom of the square is folded upward till it reaches the peaks. Then you place it in your pocket and adjust it till itÒ€ℒs the right size and all the peaks are visible.
Now that you have a reasonably good understanding of the pocket fold, here are some tyles that you can rock at the wedding season. We at the Black Box Co. have curated a collection of beautiful and sophisticated pocket squares that will be perfect for the wedding season.

1. Vintage TV Pocket Square:

If you are a movie buff and a fan of the 90s charming ways then this vintage TV pocket square is specially designed for you. This light blue tinded shade is designed from the material Jacquard and has vintage TV sets all over it. If you like to wear your flamboyant and charming personality on your sleeve or rather in the pocket of your jacket, then this accessory should be sported by you. Pocket square

2. Anchor Pocket Square:

If you are someone that is looking to find love during the wedding season, then this anchor pocket square will help you anchor your ship to the island that is someoneÒ€ℒs heart. This classy square with miniature navy blue anchor prints and a satin finish will provide your ensemble with a dapper finish and make you stand out from the crowd. Just what you need to catch the eye of that special someone and maybe chime your own wedding bells. Pocket Square

3. Cycle Pocket Square:

If flamboyance and flair are what you are looking for then this quirky neon cycle printed pocket square seems the perfect fit for you. The contrasting cotton candy shade of pink and turquoise give it a trendy and urbane finish. This square is designed to make you and your outfit stand out in the crowd and garners loads of attention. If you love being in the spotlight then this square is definitely going to get you lots of appreciative glances and compliments. Cycle pocket square

4. Four Coloured Pocket Square:

If being different and edgy but at the same time distinguished and dapper is what you desire, then this pocket square was destined for you. The vibrant crimson, crisp grey, classic white and edgy black with a silk finish all add to the sophistication and style of this pocket square. The real eye-catcher though is the symmetrical shape lines of the pocket square. The best part is that the square can be paired with both light and dark colour schemed jackets. wedding acessories

5. Multicolour Pocket Square:

This square is designed for the modern man who likes to keep up with the latest menswear trends. The square can be considered as an attire lifter and its vibrant and quirky colors will definitely attract a few eyeballs. Plus the softness and great texture of the Jacquard fabric is a huge bonus. If you want your wedding look this season to be a fine balance between eccentricity and sophistication, then multicolor pocket square should be your go-to choice. Pocket Square This concludes the comprehensive guide on pocket squares. Wearing a pocket square can look daunting because of all the rules and etiquettes for wearing a pocket square but mastering them is really easy and the payoff is great. As they say, once a pocket square wearer is always a wearer. When you start wearing a pocket square, you are going to love how it makes you look and then it will be a part of your smart-casual ensemble forever. If you love the collection displayed here then head on to The Black Box Co. for some more quirky, trendy pocket square collection and Personalised gifts.