Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Someone Special

christmaas gift

The annual visit of someone we love dearly is right around the corner (I do not mean HR with the increment bonuses) i.e. Santa Claus. Unless you have been living under a rock, the Christmas cheer and spirit is infecting everybody. Houses have been decorated, stars and lights have been put up, the stores have gotten their best fake snow and jolliest Santa Claus ready, and bakeries have been raided for plum cakes. Everything seems ready for the annual celebratory birthday bash of Jesus Christ and like every good party, there have to be lots of Christmas gift ideas and lots and lots of gifts. Now it does not matter if you actually celebrate Christmas or not because exchanging gifts on Christmas is a time-honoured tradition. This great old tradition has been passed down in various forms and the one that is currently gripping the nation is secret Santa. Gifts are an essential part of Christmas like plum cake and eggnog- they help spread the holiday cheer and enthusiasm. If you are someone who is extremely excited about spreading Christmas cheer by giving gifts to your loved ones but are in a dilemma about what gifts to give, then you are in the right place. We have curated a list of the 10 best Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones. The amazing part is that they are personalised gifts. Nothing gets people in the holiday spirit like cutesy gifts that have their names on them. Plus you get extra brownie points for the thought and effort put into the gifts. What better way to start the new year than by seeing a happy smile on your loved one's faces?

1. Personalised Mini Wallet:

Β We all have that one person in our lives-someone who is so stylish that buying a gift for them becomes next to impossible. If you have a Miranda Priestly in your life then this uber stylish and completely in vogue mini wallet is sure to impress them. The wallet is available in three colours (brown, tan, and black) and the name can be embossed in plain or gold. It gets better- the wallet is made from vegan leather so no animals were harmed in the making of this wallet. This wallet is inspired by minimal design but at the same time has ample space for all your essentials like cards and money making it the perfect gift for the devil that wears Prada!

2. Personalised Zippered Travel Case:

Β There is always that one item that you need whenever you are travelling- this travel case is that item. It is so awesome that youÒ€ℒd want to make it your personal travel buddy. This vegan leather travel case has a slot for everything- from your passport to your boarding pass, credit cards and even a pouch for your coins. Plus you can personalise the colour and emboss to your suiting and even add a metallic charm that befits your loved one. If you did not wanderlust before then this travel case will certainly make you want to globe-trot. It is the perfect gift for your jet-setting loved ones who love to stay organised during their travels.

3. Personalised Passport Covers:

Β This item is another one that is going to absolutely delight avid travellers. If you have ever looked at your passport and realised that it is utterly boring and wanted to jazz things up then this one's for you. This synthetic leather passport covers come in ten different colours right from tan to red and blue. Not only can you choose a popping colour but you can also add a cute little metallic charm. It has a soft suede lining and you can customise the name strip. This cover is not just a pretty face; it also protects your passport from damage. With a passport cover this pretty, youÒ€ℒd be the talk of the terminal.

4. Personalised Travel Wallet:

Β If being organised while travelling is something that your loved ones adore then this is the perfect gift for them. Or if your loved one is clumsy and keeps losing their travel essentials then they will be more than grateful for this gift too. With this travel wallet, you can keep all your travel essentials like passport, cash, cards etc in one place, while also looking extremely fashionable. This sophisticated wallet is specially designed for travel and is created using vegan leather. It can be personalised from the colour to the metallic charm to befit your loved onesÒ€ℒ likings and personality. ItÒ€ℒs sleek and minimal design along with its amazing functionality makes it a must-have for every travelling experience.

5. Personalised Keychain:

Β A personalised keychain makes for a great stocking stuffer. It is all style and sophistication when it comes to this keychain. It is simplistically designed and crafted from synthetically sourced leather and is sure to win the hearts of your loved ones. This key chain celebrates the individuality of each person and can be customised to show off this uniqueness. Everything from the colour of the keychain to the emboss and metallic charm can be customised. In fact, there are a wide variety of metallic charms that you can choose from- one that best suits the personality of the recipient. No one would want to lose their keys if they had this pretty little keychain.

6. Party Starter:

Β Where is the party tonight? Answer- at the house of the recipient of this amazing gift. If their motto is, Ò€œit is happy hour somewhereÒ€, then this is the best gift for the party animal in your life. The party starter contains one beer mug and on the stainless steel bottle opener. It gets better because you can customise the beer mug and the bottle opener with the name of your loved ones. There is no better way to usher in the new year than to drink a tall glass of cool beer with your name on it. Therefore this Christmas gifts ideas, turn the Hail Marys into Ale Marys and get the party started!

7. Daily Essentials Gift Box:

Β This gift box is the answer to the question, Ò€œWhat can I get someone that they will be sure to use daily?Ò€. If you want to show your loved one how much you value them, then this gift box is the best way to do it. The gift box contains customisable notepad, a keychain and a cardholder- all made from vegan leather. This gift box celebrates the little things in life like writing down important notes or having a professional and sophisticated cardholder or even aesthetic keychain. These little things can make a huge difference in your life and can go a long way in keeping you motivated and happy even on a bad day. Celebrate these little things and gift your loved ones the joy of a great day.

8. Going In Style:

Β This is for the uber-suave and classy men in your life. Celebrate their coolness and sophistication with this gift box containing two of the most stylish accessories- sunglasses case and a mini wallet. Both of which you can personalise according to your taste. The sunglasses case fits sleek and sunglasses like aviators and the mini wallet has slots for all your essentials like cards and cash. These charmingly designed accessories made from vegan leather will have every man feeling like James Bond or the Maverick. The debonair in your life is surely gonna appreciate these head-turning, and jealousy-inducing style statements.

9. Travel Squad:

Β This gift box of one mini travel wallet and a luggage tag screams #squad goals. Just like every vacation is incomplete without good company, every travel plan is incomplete without the travel squad. The mini travel wallet has ample space for all your travel essentials like passports, cash, and cards. While the luggage tag is the perfect and cutest addition to your luggage. Plus this Christmas gift ideas will save you from misplacing or unknowingly exchanging your bags with someone else. You can even customise these two beauties by adding the name of the recipient and a metallic charm of your choice. So gather your loved ones, create your own #squad goals and go have the time of your life.

10. Personalised Notepad:

Β For the organised workaholic in your close circle, this is the perfect Christmas gift ideas for them. This notepad is not only stylish but is also made from vegan leather and is designed using minimalistic features. Plus customisations and sleek design has made note-taking much more stylish. It is an extremely useful item for taking notes during long meetings and this sophisticated leather swathed notepad makes even boring meeting fun. It is the best way to celebrate the workaholic in your life and show them how much you admire their work ethic and dedication to their job. There you have it, the comprehensive but definitely not exhaustive list of the ten best Christmas gift ideas to give to your loved ones for christmas. With these gifts in your bag, you are bound to be more loved than Santa Claus. If you loved this curated list then there is more where that came from. Be sure to check out The Black Box Co. for more stylish personalised gifts that will bring joy to your loved ones this holiday season. Happy shopping and a very merry Christmas!