Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him

Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Your Wedding day is among the most important and special days of your life. Hence your wedding anniversary is pretty special too. It celebrates your heavenly bond and commemorates the time when you and your partner were joined in holy matrimony. Here is a piece of trivia for you. Historic origins of wedding anniversaries date back to the Holy Roman Empire at a time when husbands used to crown their wives with a silver wreath on their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and on the fiftieth with a gold wreath. Of course, you donÒ€ℒt need to do something as extravagant as this but that doesnÒ€ℒt mean you need to skimp on the gift either. After all, the gift is a symbol of the beautiful and joyous bond that you share and the love that you have for each other. Finding the perfect gift for husband on anniversary can be difficult because there have to be many things that you must keep in mind. For example, the gift should be thoughtful, be a symbol of the amazing bond that you share, and should definitely not be a last-minute gift. ItÒ€ℒs time to be done with the same old gifts like flowers, ties, cufflinks and jewellery. Even though these gifts are quite lovely they are also conventional. It is time to think out of the box and do something unconventional. Of course, not all conventions should be broken. The established type of gifts for different years completed should be followed it is a sweet tradition that makes giving wedding anniversary gifts easier. If you need a refresher on the different types of anniversary gift ideas to be given depending on the completed years, the gifts are listed below for milestone years - 1st and 2nd year: paper or cotton 3rd year: leather 5th year: Wood 10th year: tin and aluminum 15th year: crystal 20th year: Porcelain 25th year: silver 30th year: pearl 40th year: ruby 50th year: Gold 60th year: Diamond 70th year: Platinum For the years in between, there is no convention of what gifts to give so why not be creative? The products listed below are simple useful everyday items reimagined in an innovative, suave and stylish manner. These products set a precedent for stylish items that make giving gifts more rewarding for all parties involved. These products are expertly crafted using the most unique and innovative designs that make the products look uber chic. If you are stumped about what gifts to give your loved one or are looking for something that is extremely cool and amazing then we have curated a list of ideal gifts for you.

Here's a list of super helpful wedding anniversary gift ideas for your husband

Daily Essentials Gift Box:

If your significant other is a big believer of the idea that it is the little things that make life big and extremely special then the daily essentials gift box is perfect for them. The Daily Essentials Gift Box will make every day feel grand and it keeps you going. The Daily Essentials Gift Box contains the three things that will help you stay organized throughout the day. For the writers, creators, and innovative thinkers, there is a classy and chic notepad in which you can pen down all of your brilliant thoughts and ideas so that they never escape your memory. For business professionals, there is an elegantly designed cardholder that will instantly raise your style quotient and is a great addition to your formal accessory collection. For someone, whole loves minimalist accessories there is a uniquely designed keychain so that youÒ€ℒll never lose your keys again. Wedding Gift Ideas All of these products are made from ethically sourced leather that is robust against wear and tear. The three products are available in three colours - tan, brown and black. The best part is that you can have the name of the gift recipient embossed onto the products. This not only adds a personal touch but also gives a classy look to the products. These little goodies will surely carve a little niche into your partnerÒ€ℒs heart and will brighten up their day.

TravelerÒ€ℒs Gift Box:

If you and your partner describe yourselves as wanderlusters, globetrotters, or jetsetters and absolutely love going on exotic vacations filled adventure then this Travel Accessories Box could be a perfect wedding anniversary gift ideas for your partner. By gifting your partner the TravellerÒ€ℒs Gift Box, you can show them just how much your vacations mean to you and that you are committed to going on fun-filled vacations with them for the rest of your lives. Resfeber, the restless race of a travelerÒ€ℒs heart before the journey begins, when anxiety and anticipation are tangled together. Happens with you and your partner too? DonÒ€ℒt worry, we have a little something to make you feel better! Travel Accessories The TravellerÒ€ℒs Gift Box contains 1 stylish passport cover for the traveler that loves to keep things organised. The passport cover is made from robust vegan leather that will protect your passport from dust and grime. Also for the organised traveler, there is a flat pouch. This beautifully designed vegan leather flat pouch is compact enough that it can fit inside bags and backpacks but also has a lot of space for all of your important travel documents, cash, and cards. So all the stuff that you need is in one place. For the lovers of cute travel accessories, there is a cute vegan leather baggage tag so that you can identify your luggage without any hassle. All of the items are available in three colors- brown tan and black. A sweet personalised touch can be added to the items by embossing the name of the gift recipient on the items. On the passport cover and flat pouch, a metallic charm can also be added that best suits the recipientÒ€ℒs personality. Take the plunge, because travel is the healthiest addiction especially travel with a loved one!


This is another one for the travel fanatics. If you and your partner take every chance you get in life and make this world your red carpet, you are indeed a motivation. Travel keeps you going and keeps the others vying. Especially vying for your cute couple goals pictures on social media. To keep your partner organized, trendy and famous around the world we have got something special for them- the jet-setter gift box. For all of the travellers to love to keep their travelling essentials in one place or for the travellers that need a little with organizing; there is the uber classy travel wallet. The wallet is made from robust synthetically sourced leather and will keep all of your essentials safe and away from dirt and dust.  Gift Ideas For Your Husband The aesthetically designed travel wallet can hold your boarding pass, cash and credit cards, and other important documents. Also to keep all of your travel essentials together is the stylish travel pouch. Also made from synthetically sourced robust leather, this pouch can hold essentials like chargers, earphones, etc. It can also be used as a vanity pouch for a toothbrush, makeup, creams, etc. Also in the box are two cute and chic luggage tags that will keep your luggage from getting misplaced or mixed up. All of the items are available in three colours- brown black and tan and they can be personalised by adding the gift recipientÒ€ℒs name on the items. The travel pouch and the travel wallet can be fitted with metallic charms that match the charming (pun intended) personality of the recipient. So, what are you waiting for? Jet set go!

Couple Travel Wallet Gift Set:

If you are a fan of cutesy his and her gifts and want to give your partner a cheesy gift they will adore and cherish then the couple travel wallet gift set is perfect. Everyone knows that all good things come in pairs of two. A box with a pair of essential travel Accessories, the couple travel wallet gift box is a handy and stylish presentable token. The uniquely designed, artistically crafted and sheathed in vegan leather travel wallet can hold all travel essentials including a passport, boarding pass, cards, cash, and even has a slot for a pen. Therefore all the things youÒ€ℒ will need from the luggage check-in till the boarding gate are in one place. Travel Accessories The travel wallets are available in three colours- brown, tan and black and even come with customisable name strips where you can choose the colour of your embossing. You can even add a metallic charm to the travel wallets and choose cute, chic charms that match your and your partnerÒ€ℒs personalities. You can choose from a selection of forty-five metal charms! The elegant and classy travel wallets will perfectly compliment you and your partnerÒ€ℒs travel style!

Shaken Not Stirred:

This gift is for the OG party couple who loves to mix things up and throw extravagant parties. If all your guests leave your parties profusely asking when is the next one then you are the OG party animal couple and you deserve really cool and classy bar accessories. So, why not gift your mixologist expert partner some classy sophisticated and chic bar accessories? Say hello to mellow nights and chill drinks with this curated box- it has all the equipment youÒ€ℒd need for the perfect house party, pourer, spoon with a muddler end, measurer, tongs, bar blade, ice bucket, and a shaker. wedding anniversary gift ideas This party essential curator box has all items that are made from gorgeously sophisticated stainless steel. You and your partner can conjure up some deliciously tasty drinks with this amazing gift box and steal the show at your own party. What are you waiting for? Stop thinking, start pouring! That brings us to the end of the specially curated list of wedding gift ideas. As you can see all of these gifts are extremely classy and personalised to add the extra special feel to the gift. These personalised gifts will definitely steal your partnerÒ€ℒs hearts and ensure that they are cherished forever. If you love the uniqueness and the aesthetic of products on this wedding anniversary gift ideas list then there is more where these came from. The Black Box Co. has more uniquely designed and artistically crafted personalised gifts that make quite a style statement. Happy Shopping!