Activities To Do For Teenagers At Home During Quarantine

Activities For Teens

Activities For Teens During Quarantine

Amidst the stress of unfinished terms, assignments, and other expected obligations, this period of quarantine leaves us confused about how the ample amount of time littering our way can actually be put to use because honestly? The time is too much in plenty that we can barely keep track of how slowly or quickly it passes and every day almost feels like the same that the days of the week are now a thing of the past. As teenagers who are surely pining to get back the taste of what was once the world outside and possibly struggling to stay entertained at home, these few hacks & activities for teens that might help make your every day worthwhile.

1. Create your own customised Bullet Journal or a to-do list:

Activites For Teens Calling out the inner doodler or artist in you, this quarantine hack might actually help start your day right as you try figuring out what you wish to do for the day. Listening to what your heart says on what might be best for your day, you can make this list as artsy or as creative or as simple as you wish. If you are in a mood to work on that artistic side of yours, creating a bullet journal can do you wonders and make you proud as it can even help you figure out yourself along the way!

2. Work on an online course:

Thinks to do at home when bored

With schools and colleges halting our progression for easier graduation, there can be no stopping you from doing courses or looking up topics you have always wished to learn what with how broad and delivering the internet is. Sites like Coursera offer a multitude of topics that you can learn at your own pace; always keeping your comfort in mind, that after you complete the course, there is already a proud certificate awaiting you which you can add to your building resume.

3. Room makeover:

Room Makeover Remember all those times you would pin pins on Pinterest, thinking, Γ’β‚¬ΛœIÒ€ℒm so going to do this to my room as and when I get the time!Ò€ℒ? What are you waiting for, then? Now is the time to go and reorganize that room of yours that you and probably a lot many others have been calling unkempt for a while and decorate it with everything you have been dreaming to adorn your room with! Switch on those fairy lights, clip those polaroids or those printouts, and make your room as Pinterest-worthy as possible, if not more!

4. Explore your skills and hobbies:

Life was all about the hustle and bustle up until recently and now with time flooding our hands, giving a meaningful glance at that stack of pending books you are yet to read or dusting your old instrument and caressing its structure; gearing to play, or picking up that hardened paintbrush of yours and washing away its time spent neglected; ready to paint something new, this is the season to get back to your interests that you put aside or eventually forgot to place importance to. Have a lovely time embracing the wonderful skills you possess or the new hobbies you wish to explore!

5. Nail that to-watch list:

What better way to chill in the true sense of the word right now than watching all the shows and movies and just about anything and everything you have been putting on hold since forever?! Catch-up on shows you left abandoned or watch shows and movies that have been the buzz of the town! These activities for teens will not only help pep you up but also will help relax you for binging in rare occasions is not all that bad.

6. Stay healthy:

food to boost immune system During a time as such with constant news and updates bombarding us incessantly, it is not always easy to stay calm and collected. We each have our own capacities of dealing with the pandemic we are facing but the least yet the best we can do is giving enough importance to our body; mind, body, and soul and eat foods that help us boost our immune system. You do not have to force yourself to go on that must-do diet plan you see people you know opting for and neither do you have to constantly meditate just because that is what you see people opt for. There is no one who knows your body better than you and owing to that knowledge, aim to be the healthiest you can be in your own small ways. It can be as simple as making sure to eat all 3 courses of the day well and dancing to your favorite songs wherever you please.

7. Reconnect:

The internet shoves past these barricades of social distancing as it tries connecting you to whomever it is you need to be in touch with no matter which part of the world they are from. So you miss your squad? Do not hesitate to decide on having a group video call and reconnect as much as you can! There are also games like Skribbl that spark the fun you and your squad always have as you try your best to make your drawings as legible and comprehensible as possible in an online game that is similar to Pictionary! The possibilities of how you wish to spend your time are endless and these are only a few suggestions to help you along the way! Hoping you find these activities for teens helpful and that whatever you come up with keeps you happy and going at the end of the day! Stay safe, take care, and happy quarantining!