Top 4 Personalised Vegan Leather Travel Essentials For Your Next Trip

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Looking for cruelty-free, Perfect Vegan Leather Travel Essentials For Your Next Trip? “Go with the Faux”— PETA and Coalition LA Everybody today is a little particular about their take on leather, considering famously known organizations like PETA, and all their efforts in spreading awareness on the dark side of the fashion industry, reflecting animal cruelty rates that have left humanity with a lot to answer for. As far as fashion and luxury were concerned, they meant totally different things in the background, broken down into simple acronyms and demand-supply theories nobody really cared what they were wearing or how it got to them so long as it was leather. A slight detour, everybody knows what football is and even if you’re not much of a fan or who plays it, we’ve all heard of David Beckham, the right-winger of England and famous euro clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid, etc while also being the style icon of his era and furthermore. It was Beckham, who brought animal cruelty into mainstream limelight in 2006, when he revoked brands like Addidas, by refusing to wear their shoes. Most of these brands use leather from Kangaroos, native only to Australia, which is required by the government to be carried out by specific means, as cited in their hunting laws, as hunting is the only legal means for meat or leather. As per the law, the animals need to be shot in order to be used for leather or meat and in encounters like coming across an orphaned joey or a wounded adult, it is to be decapitated or hit with brute force on the head, purportedly “to destroy the brain.” Sheesh! The football legend and supermodel didn’t need such negativity associated with the game most dear to him thus he switch to faux or synthetic leather and the world couldn’t blame him, today they’re broadly referred to as Vegan Leather. And, the trend goes on to become a sensation. More and more people today switch to faux leather, given its ability to be manipulated into forming textures so appealing that it’d put organic leather products to shame. People are particular with everything to make sure that their luxury doesn’t cost them their humanity and thus have switched to wearing shoes, and handbags made of vegan leather and even prefer their cars with vegan leather interior and seat cover. Even brands like Nike have moved their focus to vegan leather owing to its demand as a result of its sustainability and numerous variety. Even giants like Tesla, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and more have joined the bandwagon in offering vegan leather options for its luxury interior, so why should smaller leather travel essentials like wallets, keyholders, card wallets, etc be an exception? The question typically would be, how much leather can something as small as wallets and tags take? Well, you rather not know. However, the global leather industry estimated slaughter at a rate of more than a billion animals per year and most of them come from India and China, so you know where your genuine Italian-made Armani wallet’s leather comes from and to add to it, China purportedly has no penalty for animal abuse on farmlands and is known for using leather coming from dogs,cats, which are commonly mislabelled as it virtually impossible for laymen to tell them apart so you wouldn’t know it even if you’d have it. Plus, you wouldn’t want that level of cruelty towards animals tainting your sleeve, especially when it gets disturbing enough to involve unborn calves and our beloved pets, nevertheless, all equally rightful for having a chance at living. Therefore, here we are. Keeping the ambience low golden-lit, classy yet dignified with our collection of personalised travel essentials made completely out of vegan or faux leather and going toe-to-toe with the multi-billion dollar industry.

Personalised Travel Wallet

Personalised Travel Wallet The most tranquillizing benefit of travel is experiencing a sense of retreat. In order to keep it that way, we work on keeping your travel light on your hands and thus present the BlackBox Travel Wallet. The wallet has slots that also encases passports and boarding passes other than holding your cash and credit cards along with a dedicated coin pouch. The make is purely vegan leather and is available in three different shades and textures that'll leave all you leather lovers baffled now also with an option of getting your name embossed on it.

Personalised Family Passport Holder

Family Passport Holder This one is a must-try for a family of three or four. The holder is equipped to hold four passports along with slots for credit cards and folds in like a folder with a buttoned strap that keeps it firmly shut. This foldable passport holder can also help you as a folder for keeping all your other travel documents together and thus qualifies as an excellent travel utility.

Personalised Sunglasses Case

Personalised Sunglasses Case The process of culturing animal skin to leather is the grossest there ever is. The leather needs to be brewed in toxic chemical and other harmful cyanide-based oils and dyes which are essential for making sure that they don’t rot over time. None of which you’d like anywhere near your body, especially your eyes. Even prominent brands like RayBan are considering to encase their shades in vegan leather so while they’re at it, we’ve already got it. 100% vegan leather, with an option of personalising the case by embossing your name or initials.

Personalised Luggage Tags

Personalised Luggage Tags Leaving no exception the BlackBox doesn’t fail to also add its renditions of travel tags for your luggage to its list. The travel tags comes with an adjustable strap and a metal buckle that keeps it fastened and secure. The handicraft design is available in three different tanned shades and serves as a dash of class, extending from your personality. If you love our personalised gifts concepts and accessories then you must check out our collection. We have all of this and so much more at The Black Box Co. You Like it? We Box it!