Top 5 Cool Personalised Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Personalised Sunglasses Case
It’s 2019, guys and there’s no excuse to get away with and evading your turns to buy gifts for your boyfriend. If you haven’t noticed the tension between the human dimorphic counter-parts off lately then you’ve definitely been living under a rock. Since 2017, both genders of the modern-age human species around the world have broken out into a bashing spree, going about altering a lot of dating norms and furthermore to ‘reinventing the wheel’ in the context of dating. While ladies around the world brought valid discussion to the table addressing serious issues like mortality rate in terms of female oppression, unequal opportunities, coping with patriarchal personalities and much more, all of which is a by-product of a sickening mentality or an easily alterable primitive world-view courtesy; lack of education in the most broadest sense of speaking. Exposure to any kind of information, regardless of medium and unbound to a prescriptive setting, now that is education! Plus, with growing awareness about oneself and also the others, which one owes to the fastest growing networking space called the World Wide Web, everybody seems to be getting comfortable with their partners while ditching the unrealistic idea of flawlessness and perfection knowing that, “it’s just how we’re all wired,” and one is bound to chase these perceived notions considering that they’re broadcasted to us every day via our T.V. and other broadcast-media receptive devices like your PC, smartphone, tab, etc, products we use like; soaps, cleansers, ice-creams and even a toddler’s recreational dolls while the list continues to go on. However, while people seem to be getting comfortable they’re also vocal about their outlook on dating for addressing the need to abandon the exemplified examples of romance and dating stereotypes. And while the initiative was first owned by our elegant ladies, the men were soon to follow. During the past few months, a lot of those men went on a funny protest on social media by expressing their disappointment and frustration for being constantly under judgemental eyes in the form of memes and 60-seconders content relatable to the males living in social setups and to the world’s surprise it was reciprocated positively by a significant ratio of the female audience. Moving on, some took offence in men being cribby and retaliated, however, we aren’t here to talk about them but those women who understood that a man’s social outlook is very poor based on the fact that the world had its men convinced of being incapable of emotions other than aggression and if that were not the case then it meant something was wrong with them. The world was alienated as men began expressing so much more than macho or it was just networking that helped us all have a peek, moreover, moved by the fact, the ladies took the initiative of capturing their men’s baffled expression as they held the door open for them, bought them flowers, making them feel they’re wanted and appreciated. Some men even cried when presented with flowers, maybe because they didn’t see it coming but that’s what it is all about, right? Respecting one another and most importantly to not alien ourselves from understanding the fact that we are biologically wired to be selfish for survival reasons, which tends to surface from time to time. Fostering such school of thoughts with a dash of class, the BlackBox wishes to rekindle the warmth among such special relationships and thus presenting ourselves as a channel that focuses on making sure that our men don’t feel neglected and continue to feel positive about themselves. While doing so, our team also managed to help make things easy on your part by putting together a list of options that could possibly be the ideal sentiment you would want to convey to your lover as his beloved who appreciates his clumsy and caveman-like efforts to help you feel top-of-the-world and in return would like to help him feel top-of-his-game. Furthermore, on a similar note, we present our curated list, dubbed: “Top-5 classy and personalised gifts for your boyfriend!”

Personalised Diary

Personalised Diary Casually speaking, to some a diary would so not be an exciting option in gifts for your boyfriend. However, to the girls who’ve got their hands full with a boyfriend who also happens to be an artist, musician, a poet then this is it for you. As far as choosing gifts for your boyfriend, this category is the most difficult to cope with as most artists innately find anything mainstream displeasing and express great disregard in anything that isn’t art, food or intellectual, therefore they make it to the top. Present your bloomer with this remarkably vintage-looking, diary for penning down himself onto the pages, for all you know he could be the next big thing. Plus, it’s 100% vegan leather in case he’s also a nature lover.

Personalised Hip Flask

Personalised Hip Flask This is as young blooded as it gets and tacky too. Although we stand by statutories, one can’t simply deny an individual of its youthfulness. It is undeniably the most colourful, vibrant, energetic and arguably the most fun years of our life when we step into the world and witness the world-at-large and the overwhelming possibilities it brings along while we help you take things a notch up. For the young, wild and free kinds, this is what you’re looking for, moreover, it also brings you the option of customizing the ‘Hip Flask’ with an embossment of your choice.

Personalised Multipurpose Pouch

The BlackBox doesn’t go gross on you with bleached, cultured leather products procured from innocent beings born in captivity, no. Everything at the is about elegance and class, which is only possible if we keep things real. ‘Just like fur looks best on the fox because it was born with it unlike us, we get to make it with seasoned faux while maintaining a dignified class.’ 100% vegan leather pouch and a significant travel utility that can encase essentials like razors, trimmers, oral hygiene products and more. One of the perfect gifts for your boyfriend that you’d throw at him after an annoying encounter with his disorganised self.

Personalised Sunglasses Case

If you are head-over-heels about your Boy then you need to show once in a while for him to feel cared for, too. Shades, other than its sun protection and UV benefits, it is also a major style statement element in our wardrobe collection. Having the right shades on is like dropping a cherry on the icing. That’s meticulous, sharp and classy, three of the most important things that define Men’s fashion and a man’s sense of feeling Top-of-The-Game. Made from vegan leather, the takes something as simple as a sunglasses case and turns it into a style statement, personalised gifts to flash an embossment of your choosing.

Personalised Laptop Organiser

Finally, we move our focus to men who tirelessly are working towards their goals, plans and venture. The ones who stick to trade disciplines and keep it simple and approachable, well, we’ve got something for them too. Our classy and stylish rendition for ‘Laptop Organisers,’ is just how your BAE’s Macbook Air needs to be encased when he pulls it out of his bag, in case sporting it in his hands is inefficient or too much attention for him to waste his time with . Needless to say, it is 100% vegan leather, the BlackBox laptop organiser is available in three beautiful shades for you to choose from, with customization options. While you begin to get the real idea behind this entire process of activities, feel free to check our other products and take a shot at doing something different and delighting in that broken blush of surprise on his face as he unravels the ribbon on his Black box.