Secret Santa Gift Ideas for 2019

secret santa

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why Secret Santa is coming to office and holiday house parties near you. The King of the Christmas gift exchange, Secret Santa, is a beloved tradition that has taken the holiday celebrations by a storm. The fun part about this little tradition is not only the gifts but also the suspense and mystery of guessing who was your secret Santa and who got the secret Santa gift idea. This classic game is simple and is supposed to be played with a group of people. Everyone draws a name to become someoneÒ€ℒs secret Santa. They are then supposed to buy a gift for their chosen giftee and on the day of the big reveal place it under the Christmas tree. The giftee then has to guess who their secret Santa is before it is finally revealed. If you are wondering who to thank for this amusing game, then here is a piece of trivia for you which you can use at Christmas parties to impress people. The roots of this quintessential tradition can be traced back to the Scandinavian tradition of Juklapp or Ò€œknocking ChristmasÒ€. Like the name suggests it involves knocking on someoneÒ€ℒs door and throwing a gift inside when it opens and then running away. Luckily, the tradition has now evolved to a much simpler gift exchange. However, that is not to say that the actual gift selecting process is easy. Choosing a gift for your coworkers or even your friends and family members can be a difficult and stressful ordeal. Woe be you if you get your BossÒ€ℒs name because along with Christmas, December is also the month of appraisals. A generic box of chocolates will not get you that promotion. You also do not want to offend your relatives and friends by buying a thoughtless gift. So, if you are in a dilemma about what gifts your coworkers, friends and family will adore and show off on social media then tisÒ€ℒ the season to be jolly fa la la la la! We, at The Black Box Co., have compiled a list of personalised gifts that you can give to your giftee and be the best Secret Santa ever, second only to Santa Claus. Also, letÒ€ℒs face it, personalised gifts are the jackpot of the gifting world because they are thoughtful and show that you have put effort into the gift.

1. Shaken Not Stirred:

Β This curated box of a shaker, measurer, bar blade, tongs, ice bucket, pourer and one spoon with a muddler end is the perfect gift. It is a great secret Santa gift idea for your friend who loves to throw house parties or that one uncle who is a connoisseur of alcohol or even your boss. Now we are not saying that this will get you a promotion but it is made of stainless steel and looks extremely classy- something that is straight out of a James Bond movie. This set has everything that is needed to become a mixologist expert and create lip-smacking drinks. This good quality, classic barware just screams adulthood and it will last forever making it an extremely useful gift. With this set, of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she will definitely walk into yours.

2. Personalised Keychain:

Β This personalised keychain is the key to an acute and sweet Secret Santa gift idea. If you want to tell your Secret Santa giftee how unique they are then a personalised keychain with a specialized metallic charm seems like the best way to do it. This is a classy spin on the good-old-fashioned keychains. It is made from vegan leather and comes in chic colors like tan, black and brown. Additionally, there are forty-five metallic charms that you can choose from to best suit your giftee and get your gifteeÒ€ℒs name embossed with plain or gold lettering. Not only does this gift look elegant, but it is also thoughtful and is easy on your pocket. This is great for a Secret Santa gift idea for someone who keeps losing their keys because, with a keychain this pretty, no one would want to lose it.

3. Personalised Diary:

Β This personalised diary is a suitable gift for everyone from the secret shayar to the coworker who is all over the place in meetings and even the eccentric inventor of the next best start-up! It is great for penning down thoughts, business ideas, New YearÒ€ℒs resolutions, etc because this diary is the perfect confidante. It has a unique and chic design and is secured with a flap. This stylish and elegant A5 diary is made from superior quality paper and vegan leather. Also, you can personalise the shade of leather (tan, black, and brown) the name strip, the lettering (plan or gold) and even the metallic charm. There are twenty-five charms that you can choose from that will best define your giftee and make the gift even more endearing. So no more forgetting thoughts, ideas, plans and meeting notes because this diary keeps you organized and on top of your game.

4. Personalised Cord Wrap:

Β The personalised cord wrap is another one of those Ò€œeasy on your wallet but at the same time thoughtful and valuable giftsÒ€. This simple and elegant personalised gift is a godsend solution to all electronic cord related problems that will surely make your secret Santa giftee bless you and all your descendants. Wireless earphones users can boast about not having tangles but with this innovative gift, at least your kidneys will remain intact. This is a piece of accessory that everyone must possess and its beauty lies in its simplicity of design. It is a sturdy sheet of brown vegan leather which is secured with a button so that you can wrap your cords like earphones around it to prevent them from getting tangled. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it is also pocket-sized for easy portability. You can even customise it with the initials of your giftee. With this amazing gift, there are no more tangles and no more tears!

5. Personalised Luggage tags:

Β If your friends, family members, and coworkers have globe-trotter, wanderlust, or jet-setter in their social media bios, then they will surely appreciate this gift. With this minimalistic but super stylish luggage tags, you can add the Ò€œoomph factorÒ€ to your luggage. These luggage tags are crafted with vegan leather and have an adjustable strap with a metal buckle to ensure that it stays securely in place. You can customise the shade of leather (brown, black and tan) and the name strip to create a thoughtful and charming gift. This gift is super useful because it makes identifying luggage so much quicker and easier and it is a great way of keeping track of your luggage. Plus, its elegance will make everyone at the airport turn green with jealousy.

6. Personalised Travel Pouch:

Β This is another great gift for your globe-trotting, jet-setting and wanderlust giftee. It is crafted with the finest quality vegan leather and can be customised according to the shade of the leather (black, tan or brown) and the lettering (plain or gold embossed). You can even specially select the metallic charm that best fits the personality of your secret Santa giftee and which they will adore from forty-five unique metallic charms. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but also has ample space for all your travelling essentials and it will help you stay organised by keeping everything that you need in one place. While travelling can be a fun and enriching experience, it can also be stressful because of the need to stay organised. However, with this useful travel pouch, all those worries fly out of the window as it helps you be organised and on top of your travel game.

7. Drinking Buddy:

Β Buy this classy gift of a personalised, heavy-bottomed rock glass with two whiskey stones for your drinking buddy. This can be anyone from that chill coworker who is your regular partner for Happy Hours and even your Dad who you had your first sip of alcohol with. The glass is perfect for a smooth shot of whiskey and the whiskey stones made from soapstone keep your drink chilled. You can customise the initials of your secret Santa giftee by monogramming it onto the glass making it a sophisticated gift. It is a whiskey business for everyone who is made from malt and ice and everything nice! This concludes the list of amazing personalised gifts that are the best secret Santa gifting options. These gifts will surely make the recipient feel loved and spark joy in them. After all, thatÒ€ℒs what this holiday season is about. Most importantly, all of these gifts are super useful and ensure that they will not be gathering dust in some corner of the recipientÒ€ℒs house. The personalisation and customizability is a huge plus as it makes the gift much more special and something that the giftee will cherish forever. If you love all these gifting ideas and are interested in buying other personalised gifts then The Black Box Co. has a wide variety of chic and stylish items for all your gifting needs. Happy shopping and happy holidays!