Things Every Man should Carry with Him Everyday

2019 is almost coming to an end and it brings with it the promise of a new decade. The decade of the put together and sophisticated man. Gone are the days of the unkempt and unruly boys. It is the decade of the man who is sensitive, thoughtful, conscientious and righteous. This man doesn’t just walk out of the door with his wallet and his keys. He walks out of the door by putting his best foot forward and on the top of his game. In this day and age, achieving that kind of sophistication and being so organised that you bring your A-game everywhere is not easy. We at The Black Box Co. understand your struggle and keeping that in mind we have crafted some suave daily essentials for men that they must own. An ever-increasing number of individuals today change to vegan leather, given its capacity to be controlled into shaping surfaces so engaging that it would put natural cowhide items to disgrace. Individuals are specific with everything to ensure that their extravagance doesn't cost them their mankind and in this way have changed to wearing shoes, belts and watch made of vegan leather. Indeed even brands like Nike have moved their concentration to vegan leather attributable to its interest because of its supportability and various assortment. It’s time to gear up. Daily essentials can be a stressful affair, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little bit of planning, you can rest easy in knowing you have your daily essentials locked down. Let’s aim to keep it organized, light and manageable. One of the most unlikely situations is when you find out that your everyday essentials is the same as someone else! However, with a personalised items, can avoid the situation altogether. The personalised gift would reflect the unique items that you have and hence itself it becomes unique. Additionally, while everyone is that same stuff , you would have a unique personalised items that will stand out in a crowd. Our products are the stepping stones to the complete man. Women, if you are looking for daily essentials for men to gift for your significant other or even your son then you definitely need to add these items to your shopping cart. They are not only great for birthday and anniversary gifts but are also great for letting the men in your life know how much you love and cherish them. Let’s face it, personalised gifts are the best. They let the other person know how much you care about them and how much thought was put into the gifts. After all, it’s the thought that counts. If you are buying these items for yourself then even better because in today’s rat race it is important to indulge in self-care. Plus having your name on the front makes for a great style statement. So, read our manual (pun fully intended) on the top 5 things that are daily essentials for men. We at The Black Box Co. also know that the put-together and sophisticated man does not stand for animal cruelty and hence all our products are made from genuine vegan leather.

1. Gadget Organiser :

 In this tech-savvy world, it has become hard to do anything or get anywhere without gadgets. If you wanna be on top of your game, then you need your gadgets to be in order. If you are ruffling through your bag and turning your desk upside down looking for wires, pen drives and chargers then it is probably going to hurt your game. It's the most ideal approach to store every one of your contraptions' basics together as opposed to conveying a wide range of pockets. So now you don't need to dither pondering not having enough battery in your telephone or camera in light of the fact that your customized contraption coordinator has got you secured For this reason, the first everyday necessity is the personalised gadget organiser. This gadget organiser has space for everything- from your power bank, your phone charger, to your pen drives and even your earphones. All the things that you and your gadgets need to function are now stored in one place. Its compact foldable surface makes it portable and it can fit in anywhere. Plus the customisation makes it extra special. If you cannot live without your gadgets then you should definitely not live without the personalised gadget organiser.

2. Personalised Mini Wallet:

 Bulky wallets are a thing of the past. If our phones, televisions and computers are getting sleeker then why shouldn’t our wallets? This mini wallet has been inspired by minimal accessory design. It slips right into your pocket without creating any unseemly bulges and freeing up ample of space for other essentials. Even with its sleek design, there is plenty of space for your cards, cash and other necessities. Now you do not have to carry the burden of the world in your wallet when you hit the streets. Not only is it convenient for everyday use it also comes in handy during travelling. When you are travelling it is wise to only keep the things that you absolutely need in your wallet lest it gets stolen or lost. If you are a man who likes to keep it simple then this wallet is perfect for you.

3. Personalised Cord Wrap :

 Removing your earphone out of your pocket and finding out that they are all tangled up makes a task as simple as listening to music way too complicated and it doesn’t help the mood either. In this stressful life, the last thing you need is the additional stress of untangling your earphones. To rid you of this menace, the Black Box Co. has come up with the flawless accessory- personalised cord wrap. Everything from the way it is engineered to the way it looks screams sophistication. This ingenious but simple accessory is a sturdy sheet of leather wrapped around and secured with a hook. You just wrap your earphones around and you are ready to go- no more tangling and it increases the longevity of your earphones. The best part is that the personalised cord wrap is designed to be compact (4.5 x 5 cm) and can fit right into your pocket. This resourceful accessory is a must-have everyday essential!

4. Personalised Sunglasses Case:

 If you have envisioned yourself being quite the Maverick in your aviators then this product is for you. What aviators were to Tom Cruise in Top Gun, that is what a personalised leather sunglasses case is to your aviators. Quite simply put, they make the aviators and, not to mention you, look extremely cool. This sunglasses case boasts of qualities like a sturdy and flawless leather covering with suede inside lining. It not only protects your sunglasses from dust and scratches but it also makes for a suave style statement. If you are not a fan of aviators then do not worry. The sunglass case is accepting of sunglasses of all shapes and sizes. So, with this sunglass case by your side, you can be the Maverick of your big blue skies. They are made from synthetic leather which is perfect for everyday use. It fits almost all types of sleek stylish sunglasses like the aviators. This is one of the most handy daily essentials for men! The next time you plan to buy it for yourself your friends are definitely going to be asking you about this Personalized sunglass case.

5. Personalised Flat Pouch :

 If you travel a lot for work or simply fancy yourself as a globetrotter then this flat pouch is for you. This flat pouch is a necessity that will definitely come in handy while you are travelling. Not only is it extremely functional, but with a customisable name strip and a metal charm, it is quite the fashion statement. The vegan leather pouch has ample of space for your credit cards, cash and other essentials. However, its compact and simplistic design ensures that the pouch is easily portable and can fit into any bag without taking up too much space. With this flat pouch, you can keep all the things that you need while you travel in one place and globetrot hassle-free. It is known to be everyone’s travel essential because of how easy and compact it is to carry. That’s the roundup of the top five daily essentials for men. With these items helping you stay organised while looking extremely stylish, you can bring your A-game to everything, every day. If you love our concepts and accessories then you must check out our collection. We have all of this and so much more at The Black Box Co. You Like it? We Box it!