Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas

personalised wedding ideas
Shaadi season is always around the corner and it brings with it loads of stress not only for the bride and groom but also for the guests. “What to wear”, and most importantly “what to gift” are the most harrowing questions on everyone’s mind. If you are wondering who to thank for the tradition of wedding gifts, then here’s a piece of trivia for you. During 1924, Macy’s, the American department store was the first to unveil a wedding gift registry and other department stores were more than happy to jump on board. In the initial days of the wedding gift tradition, crystal, silver, and china were all the rage. In fact, picking out the right china pattern was a crucial component of the gift registry. Fortunately, over the years, the priceyness of gift-giving has gone down. But that doesn’t mean the classiness should take a plummet too. In the current era of wedding gifts, guests choose to gift something more personal or items that a couple would need when living together. What with wedding registries getting increasingly extravagant choosing something from it can be overwhelming and sometimes even outside your budget. It is also completely okay to give gifts that the couple have not registered for. The registered item are mere suggestions and it is not a requirement to buy them. However, no matter what you buy, be sure to attach a meaningful card with the gift. A good wedding gift doesn’t have to be something super expensive or extravagant.

The main qualities of a good wedding gift should be:

  1. Something that both the bride and the groom can enjoy: No matter whose side you are from, a wedding gift has to be something that both the bride and groom would love and can use it. That is why the best gifts for the happy couple are ‘his & her” gifts. Basically, anything that comes in a pair is a good gift. If that is not possible then even gifts for the house like kitchenware or barware can be great gifts too.
  2. It should be creative: Gifting someone something generic can be seen as tacky, especially if it is a wedding gift as wedding gifts are often perceived as being symbolic for blessings and good wishes. Even though wedding gifts don’t have to be elaborate it does have to be creative. It should look like you have put some thought into the gift and haven’t picked the first thing you see.
  3. It should be personalised: Another great way of showing that you have put genuine thought into your gift is by making sure the gift is personalised. A personalised gift is a symbol and celebration of the bond that you share with the happy couple. This especially becomes important for wedding gifts because the gift is a symbol of your blessing and good wishes for the newlyweds. A personalised gift is the best way to show how much you love them and the couple will also cherish the gift forever because of its strong emotional value.
We at The Black Box Co. have kept these important qualities of wedding gifts in mind and created the perfect gifts that you can give to newlyweds. These gifts are classy, chic and easy on the wallet. Most importantly, you can personalise them so that your gift stands out from the crowd and the couple will also value it forever. So read on to find out how The Black Box Co. has made your gift-giving experience easier and the happy couple’s gift receiving experience much more fun!

1. Couple Mini Travel Wallet Gift Box:

This gift will make itself useful right after the wedding- this is when the newly married couple jets off for their honeymoon! This gift has a lot going on for it. It is high on utility, is made from premium vegan leather, looks extremely stylish and can be customised to your liking! This utilitarian wallet can hold every possible thing that you would need for the airport. For example, your passport, credit card, cash, boarding pass and even the elusive pen which no one can find when it is needed. No need to be worried about that now because this wallet helps you stay organised and on top of your travel game. couple mini travel wallet You could say that it is designed to make sure that you travel without any hiccups and in style. Therefore it is the perfect wedding gift. Not only are you gifting the happy couple a travel essential but also a fight-free travel experience. No more arguments about who has the passports or who was actually in charge of the boarding pass. They both now have their own mini travel wallets to store all of these things. Another reason why this is a great gift is that you can customise and choose from forty-five different charms that will be attached to the mini travel wallet. You can choose a charm that you think reflects the personality of the bride and groom and make the gift even more personalised. So, gift these mini travel wallets to the couple that describe themselves as globetrotters because they will surely love it.

2. Pop Fizz Clink:

Ahh, classic barware- arguably the perfect wedding gift you can give. Realistically, it is hard to use crystal decanters, cocktail shakers and complicated corkscrews that often. But this gift of two elegant and personalised champagne glasses with two rustic cork coasters would be a little hard not use and show off. Let’s face it, a good set of champagne glasses just screams adulthood. These glasses are made from soda-lime glassware and can be laser etched with the newlyweds’ initials. The coasters, on the other hand, are made of cork and has cheers etched onto it in a fun font. This pop fizz clink set looks elegant and classy and the couple will surely cherish it like their precious wedding china. Pop Fizz Clink The best part is that these kinds of gifts tend to last forever and the couple will definitely be toasting their 25th wedding anniversary using these glasses. Additionally, champagne glasses are the perfect wedding gift to give because of the rich history of champagne itself.Drinking champagne to mark celebrations and joyous occasions originated in the royal courts of Europe in the 1800s. In the current era, champagne has become a symbol of joy and sanctity of the occasion. The bubbling beverage overflowing in abundance and joy is a symbol of a joyous occasion. By gifting a couple these royal champagne flutes you are gifting them your good wishes, blessings and all the joy of the world.

3. Personalised Couple Hip flask:

Gifting couple's alcohol for their wedding is a tradition as old as time itself. But gifting a couple a hip flask is a fairly new tradition and quite frankly a better one. A hip flask is traditionally a man’s accessory. Soldiers, explorers and even a Pope (for medicinal purposes only) have carried around hip flasks for their hard liquor. In fact, a hip flask is more of a groomsmen’s gift. But we are living in the twenty-first century, in an era when it is no secret that women enjoy drinking alcohol- yes, even hard liquor and can even keep it down. In lieu of the feministic outlook on alcohol, the Black Box Co. has come up with personalised couple’s hip flask. Which is why the “him and her” flasks are the best gifts for couples who are connoisseurs of alcohol. These personalised couple hip flasks are crafted from stainless steel and have a matte outer covering with an innovative design. The flask has an airtight cap to prevent messy spills when carrying it around. Personalised Hip Flask This flask just oozes sophistication and exclusivity. You can customise it to have the couple’s name engraved on it making it a timeless gift. Also gifting the newlyweds a hip flask will surely make your gift stand out in a crowd and the newlyweds will appreciate it because it is such an unexpected and innovative gift. Plus it will come real handy during stressful times like shopping for the new house, their first fight after marriage, or when a crying baby keeps them up all night. After all, a couple that drinks together, stays together. This concludes the list of classy, sophisticated and easy on the wallet gifts that you can give to a newlywed couple. Truly, the gift-giving process can be harrowing, but once you see the joy on the couple’s face and receive that Thank you note, it makes it that much more rewarding. Wedding gifts are a reflection of your blessings and good wishes so make sure that your gift reflects how happy you are for the couple. Hence it is crucial to pick out a gift that is thoughtful, creative and something that the couple will genuinely use. If you love these ideas for wedding gifts, then visit The Black Box Co website because there is a lot more where that came from. Happy shopping and a very happy wedding season!