Personalised Travel Accessories for the Men in your Life

Personalised document sleeve
Summer is here and so are the travelling plans. The most important aspect of travelling is to do so stress-free and we are here to provide you with the perfect personalised travel accessories for men. Use these to ease the process of organisation for them (because some of them could use help in this department). And in doing so, make your own life easier!

For the Tech Junkie - Personalised Gadget Organiser

Personalised Gadget OrganizerWe live in a cloud based world; you can't travel without your laptop, camera, and a million other wires, including a hundred chargers for a hundred devices, among other electronic knick knacks, which we need to carry around while travelling, especially now that we are working remotely for the unforeseeable future. With so many gadgets around, going through security checks can be quite annoying. Having to dig open your entire bag in order to place all the electronics in the said tray is nothing but frustrating, and the hassle that comes along with the million wires? Such a buzzkill. So why not have a specific place for your gadgets so you only have to hold onto one single item? Do your tech junkie man a massive favour and gift him the personalised gadget organiser - curated for convenience (and for keeping your wires disentangled)

For the relaxed one - A daily essentials gift box

Curated Box

We all have that man who has everything, which in turn makes it a very difficult job to find him a gift. But sometimes they need an update on the most basic things in their wardrobe, especially when travelling. We, at The Black Box Co. have the perfect gift box for the one who has it all - The Daily Essentials Box. It consists of a notepad, keychain and card holder and the best part of it - everything is personalised. It honestly makes for a thoughtful & mindful present and can be very helpful while travelling.

For the retired one - Personalised cheque book cover/ writers paradise

Personalised Cheque Book Cover What to give a man who has done and experienced it all? You could opt for a book, because learning is an eternal process, but how about going down a different route? Encourage creativity and gift your father/uncle a beautiful personalised writers paradise box which comprises a personalised diary and pencil case. Give them the space to pen down their ideas and thoughts, something we all could make use of. And if that is not the route you wish to take, how about a personalised cheque book cover? It is the perfect evergreen gift for the best men in your life!

Or the busy one- Personalised Laptop/document sleeve

Personalised document sleeve Do you think your brother spends an unhealthy amount of time looking for things on his desk and in his bag? And that he can be especially disorganized whilst travelling? How about a sleeve that will hold both - his laptop and documents. Do him a favour by gifting him the perfect personalized laptop/document sleeve which can help him establish a system and travel with a ton of ease.

For the stylish one - Personalised Sunglass Case

He likes nice things especially when they're personalised. Gift this man the perfect personalised sunglasses case which he can carry along with him on vacation. He likes to look stylish so why not enable him to carry his goods in a stylish manner as well? Vegan Leather Sunglsses Case So give the men in your life (and yourself) the chance to travel hassle free this summer with our wide range of personalised travel accessories and enjoy your vacation, deservedly so!