Going on a long bike ride? Here are 03 vegan leather accessories to pack with you

Personalised Gadget Organizer
If you are here then you're someone who seeks adventure, thrill, and zeal that a nice long bike ride offers. The adrenaline pumping through our veins on a nice bike ride is simply incomparable and we, for one, love taking our bikes out! As restrictions continue to relax, 2021 is shaping up to look like a year when we can freely take our beasts out on the road (of course with necessary precautions!). And if you, like us, are planning on a ride soon then you must read this blog. We have listed 03 vegan leather accessories that one must always have during long rides. Keychain One of the key accessories on a long bike ride is the keychain. The good old keychain is a necessity and helps keep all the keys including bike and house keys together. When it comes to this accessory, it is best to go for lightweight ones that are easy to carry. At The Black Box Co., we have vegan leather keychains that are light and can be customised with your name and favorite metal charm. We also have a Personalised Two Sided Keychain. This charming piece like our Personalised Keychain is available in 3 colors namely Tan, Brown and Black & can be customised. Additionally, it can be easily attached to your bags or belt to ensure that you never lose your keys.
Gadget Organiser When you are on your bike, you certainly do not have the luxury to carry a lot of luggage. Your baggage needs to be compact and highly organised. So where does that leave your precious gadgets? In comes a gadget organiser! With ample space for your charger, power banks, ear phones, and loose wires, a gadget organiser makes up for a favorite travel companion. With a 21.5 cm X 11.5 cm, it not only wards off your storage woes but also occupies a small space in your bag. And its sleek design and rustic hues (Tan, Brown, and Black), it also perfectly complements oneÒ€ℒs biking attire and gear. And the freedom to emboss oneÒ€ℒs name on the organiser is just a desirable addition.
Bag Tags Whether you are traveling with your biker gang or are traveling solo, a Bag Tag is a nice way to add a dash of your personality & colour to your bags. This minimal accessory is equipped with an adjustable strap & metal buckle which allows the tag to stay securely wherever you place it on your bag. At The Black Box Co., you will be spoilt for choice as our Personalised Bag Tags are available in seven colors and can be personalised with your initials.
While it is permitted to freely travel in many places today, we urge you to take all the precautions to keep yourself & everyone around you safe. Have an adventurous & safe ride!