05 Memorable Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Holiday Gifts by The Black Box Co.
It’s finally the season we’ve all been waiting for--the Holiday Season! The entire world is up and alive, busy preparing for the upcoming festivities, checking things off their to-do list one day at a time. The finest mulled wine, bread, plum cakes, Christmas trees, holly leaves, wreaths, bells, angels, decorations, wrapping paper, cookies -- hey aren’t you forgetting something? The gifts! You need some personalised holiday gifts! Don’t you just love it when you wake up to a beautifully wrapped parcel waiting just for you? Those moments of excitement as you walk towards the gift, pick it up and unwrap it, eagerly waiting to know who it’s from. Safe to say, the holiday season is truly incomplete without gifts. At the same time though, choosing the right gift for your loved ones can quite easily be daunting. Don’t you worry. We at The Black Box Co. have got you covered. Here’s five memorable gift ideas, specially personalized just for your family and friends; there’s something for everyone!

1. Personalised Phone Covers: Minimalistic with a touch of elegance, our range of phone covers make for the perfect personalised gifts for your loved ones, especially if you have a long list of people to cover. A new colour for a new day, these covers come in pink, black, tan and grey. After all, who wouldn't like to flaunt their very own personalised phone cover? Don’t forget to pair this with our Personalised Wire Organiser so that they can keep their earphones tangle-free and organised.

2. Writer’s Paradise: We all know that one person who absolutely loves jotting their thoughts down-journal about their day, construe and write down things they could’ve said during an argument that took place twenty days ago or simply doodle (in the name of work). We know just what you can get them--Writer’s Paradise. This little box contains a personalised notebook and a personalised pencil case, your perfect pal wherever you go. Who knew paradise came delicately wrapped in vegan leather?

Personalised Diary, Pencil Case

3. Cufflinks: Holidays are a great time to flaunt your wardrobe but it’s the dapper details that make all the difference. Our variety of stylish and sleek cufflinks are a game changer for just about any outfit. This season, be the reason your loved one makes heads turn anywhere they go.

4. Going In Style: Be it a trip to the mall or a day at the farmhouse, make sure your loved ones are always going in style with our set of personalised suave sunglasses case and sleek wallet all made with vegan leather. If that’s not enough, the items in this box are available in a range of colours to choose from.

5. Globetrotter: The Black Box Co. has a myriad range of travel accessories to choose from. The Globetrotter contains a personalised passport cover, two luggage tags and a personalised travel pouch. As the year comes to an end, everyone is eagerly waiting to embrace the traveller and adventurer within as they trot along the globe.

Personalised Luggage Tag These were a few of the many sleek, vegan leather products you could choose while deciding what you want to get for all the special people that have made a difference in your life. Now’s the time to tell them you’re so very thankful to have crossed paths with them with some personalised holiday gifts. Say it with a Black Box!