6 Ways to accessorise a formal outfit

accessories for formal
Is there a formal occasion right around the corner which needs you to look your best? You’ve probably purchased a brand new suit and some new shoes for a really important black tie event. But then, it strikes you that the outfit is just too plain! Well, you don’t really have to look far for some formal accessories to jazz up that ordinary formal wear. To make it easy we’ve prepared a list of 6 ways to accessorise a formal outfit.
  • Pocket Squares:

Here’s a trade secret. “Pocket Squares are not out of style!” Pocket squares have been frequently misunderstood by millenials as “Stuff from the eighteen hundreds”. But that is just not true! If you really want to stand out as the dashing individual you are, just wear one of these pocket squares. They fit nice, snug into your jacket and if you accessorise them right, they can really be the pivotal aspect that grabs people’s attention at a formal gathering. You don’t even have to worry about the typical style of your jacket. Whether it’s a blazer, sports jacket, tuxedo or a suit, pocket squares are formal accessories that add a certain zest to your outfit. If you’re confused as to how you should pick one, just make sure the color of your pocket square matches your shirt. Personalized Pocket Squares
  • Cufflinks:

Cufflinks are an obvious choice. Gentlemen, let’s just agree that if there’s any accessory that makes you look your debonair best, it’s probably those shiny cufflinks that spice up your suit. It’s important to know that locking in the cuffs of your long sleeved shirt doesn’t let them hang off shabbily. There are a variety of personalised cufflinks for men that are available for all genres of formal wear. Cufflinks are not hard to wear either, all you have to ensure is that your shirt sleeve is pulled up to align with the suit to attach the cufflink neatly. It is also advised to remember that cufflinks are meant to contrast your wrist watch. If you’ve got a gold rimmed wrist watch, you absolutely need gold colored cufflinks to complement the ensemble of your outfit. Cufflinks
  • Mini wallets:

This one isn’t here to make a style statement as much as it is here to help you get rid of bulky pockets and accessorise with sophistication. The trend of using cash to make purchases is slowly but steadily getting replaced with digital transactions. Whether that is through your phone or through your card is subjective. So why do you need to carry all those coins, and all that cash in one fat brick of leather, that looks ugly when placed in a suit pocket? You could use a card wallet or a personalised mini wallet to hold everything essential for your transactions while not having it be an encumbering experience. A mini card wallet can hold in your cards and a necessary minimal amount of cash to allow for a sleek looking wallet that you can use even on a daily basis. Since it’s so thin and minimalistic, it adds to the level of comfort of your outfit even if you don’t necessarily flaunt it. Personalised Curated Gift Boxes
  • Keychains:

Who said keychains can’t add a sleek finish to your choice of style. Remember to keep accessorise it simple silly! A regular old ring with a tacky letter of the alphabet is out of fashion today (yes, you know the one). They end up being bulky and gaudy and rarely ever match up with your overall outfit. What if there was a solution to alleviate that problem and make you look good at the same time? The Black Box Co. offers the best approach to minimalist style with as much utility as possible in a keychain. These sleek keychains come in a color of your choice that can complement exactly what you’re wearing. They’re so stylish, you’ll never want to forget your keys again. Personalized Pocket Squares
  • Tie Pins:

So your preparation for the formal outfit is almost done. See how we said almost. That’s because you’re forgetting something vital. Something to add some life and color to your existing accessories. Of course, we’re talking about tie pins! Accessory and men’s jewelry can add subtle touches to bring together an outfit in a neat and classic manner. Now, we don’t want to crowd your look by having you wear one ring on each finger and practically blinding the person in front of you with its glistening glory. We want it to be subtle. We want you to consider dressing up for an occasion as a tool to boost your confidence and have you be present to everyone who lays eyes on you. Trust us, tie pins do the trick. Tie Pins by The Black Box Co.
  • Watches:

This is no secret, a sleek looking watch can essentially make or break your outfit. The trick is to make up your mind on which sort of watch you plan on pairing with your accessories and outfit. It is imperative that you wear a watch that compliments the cufflinks you have on your suit. It is also important to make sure that you wear a sleek and light metallic watch to go with your suit. You can even go with the one that has a leather strap & matches the color of your suit. It’s alright to not include the watch in the entire process too! This is an optional tip, but we personally feel like, if you’re giving it your all, there’s no need to hold back. You might as well go all out and get yourself a watch that suits your outfit and your personality. Watches Our focus is on getting you to look your best. To enable the dashing gentleman who can strike up a conversation with confidence. So there you have it. Those were 6 essentials that you need to add to accessorise your outfit for that one special occasion.