This Black Box Contains:

  • 1 Personalised Travel Wallet (21 x 11 cms)
  • 2 Personalised Luggage Tags ( 8 x 5 cms)
  • 1 Personalised Travel Pouch (21 x 8 x 7 cms)
  • Material of the product: Vegan Leather
  • Material of the name strip: Vegan Leather
  • No special characters and numbers
  • Name will be embossed in UPPERCASE

Ships in Black BoxShips in a Black Box

Deliveres in 7-10  Business DaysDelivered in 7-10 Business Days


You take every chance you get in life and make this world your red carpet, you’re indeed a motivation. Travel keeps you going and keeps the others vying.

You are a jet-setter, a go-getter, a trend-setter!

To keep you organized, trendy and famous around the world – we’ve got you something special. A personalised pouch to keep your things handy, customized luggage tags to protect your luggage from getting exchanged and a travel wallet with your name embossed for all those dollars to be in place – this is a great deal for a wanderer like you!

Jet, set, go! What are you waiting for?