What are some WFH office products to help break the productivity slump?

Personalised Diary
Working from home has had its ups and downs. It was indeed, a refreshing break from the hours of commuting and the opportunity to work, while you lie in bed is always welcome. many of us really feel this way anymore? The excitement of WFH has died down over the last few months. No matter what the perks, being confined to the same space with no true social interaction can feel like the walls are closing in on you. And, the much feared productivity slump eventually washes over, leading to an evident dearth of motivation. However, staying at home is the need of the hour and when thereÒ€ℒs will, thereÒ€ℒs a way! If youÒ€ℒre finding yourself out of energy and focus, a simple fix to this is recreating an office-like environment. Easiest way to do so? Get some quintessential office products to your work desk! We arenÒ€ℒt kidding! Recreating your immediate environment is the equivalent of an actual workspace to your brain, since it canÒ€ℒt really differentiate between reality and illusion - itÒ€ℒs honestly all about tricking your own self! So, we are here to help you with four carefully picked out office products from The Black Box Co. collection! Au revoir, productivity slump! 1. Personalised Diary Personalised Diary One very, very crucial item to get work started and keep you going through the day is a diary. A well planned out day, along with thorough details becomes a strong blueprint you can follow, without feeling too overwhelmed and lost. It is proven that having all your tasks listed, brings a sense of momentum, which in turn gets you moving. A tangible or visible set of tasks can make work seem more doable and letÒ€ℒs be real..who doesnÒ€ℒt like striking off tasks as the day proceeds? Our Personalised Diary is an elegant accessory that comes in 3 rustic colors and easy to restock sheets. Our vegan leather is durable, so donÒ€ℒt worry about losing your pointers if you end up spilling a glass of wine on it! 2. Personalised Notepad Personalized Notepad If youÒ€ℒre someone who enjoys some spontaneity at work, but can be forgetful, a notepad should be your bible. Unlike a diary, a notepad is perfect for those of you who just need reminders and work in flexible environments. Our Personalised Notepad is compact and easy to carry. Jot down whatÒ€ℒs on your plate and get moving in a jiffy! 3. Personalised Tablet Organiser Personalised Laptop OrganiserCreated for just about anyone who has a tablet or a dairy, this product is a boon from Gods, themselves. However, if youÒ€ℒre a designer, you are going to have a wonderful experience with this. If your day basically revolves around your tablet, phone, and earphones, you need to get your hands on this product ASAP! Our Personalised Tablet Holder, as the name suggests, holds onto your tablet, but you can also seat your phone, our notepad, and a pair of earphones - with 0 worries. Have all your essentials in one place and keep your work desk neat and tidy. 4. Personalised Gadget Holder A dirty desk is a direct reflection of a cluttered mind. And guess what is one of the biggest drawbacks of a cluttered mind? It has massive potential..of ruining your productivity! Keep your desk clean and most importantly, keep your wires tanglefree with our Personalised Gadget Organiser! This organiser has been allotted a special zipped slot that allows you to store anything beyond itÒ€ℒs ideal purpose. Make use of every minute of your time and waste none of detangling your wires or looking for your gadgets anymore.
And that is it! While these were 4 office products you could use within your immediate surroundings, controlling certain factors beyond your work desk might also come in handy. You can read our blog on creating a desirable office setup at home and tackle your productivity issues like a champ!