Travel pouches you must have on your vacations

Personalised Double Zip Pouch

Are you a thoughtful and methodical packer or someone that waits until the last minute to throw some of your favourite travel accessories in a suitcase and hope you don’t forget anything? Packing bags before a trip is an exciting job for some, but others may struggle with it. It's obvious that travel essentials depend on your destination, but there are a few things you will need, no matter where you are going. The most important thing for making packing and traveling easier is to have the right gear accessible when you need it. So, whether you fall into the type A category or you fly by the seat on your pants, here are some travel pouches that are sure to make your packing experience more enjoyable.

1.Travel Pouch: Travel Pouches not just excel in looks through its sophistication, but also are high on functionality as they have enough space for all your favourite items. They are easily portable. You can use it as your vanity pouch to store all your travel essentials in it. Its compact size will allow it to fit inside your hand bag without taking too much space. You can even personalise it by either embossing or printing your name on it and by adding a metal charm.

 2. Double Zip Pouch: Stay organised and travel efficiently with a double zip pouch. Feel free to carry as well as segregate your things with the availability of double the space. It also provides plenty of storage. This pouch will ensure that you save all your precious time during your trips. It is available in three colours- black, tan and brown. You can even emboss your name on it by giving it a personal touch.

 3. Multipurpose Pouch: Do you have the whole world spilling out from your pockets? Credit cards, money, make-up, toiletries, perfumes and deos,etc you name it and this multipurpose pouch can carry it. The right pouch to bear everything you need for the outing. The pouch is available in seven different colours- saddle tan, berry blue, coal black, ochre yellow, powder pink, ruby red and steel grey. Personalise your pouch by either printing or embossing your name on it.

4. Flat Pouch: Flat Pouches are not only fashionable but extremely handy as well. They have the capacity to hold more than just your essentials and make an excellent combination as you are on-the-go. It is secured with a smooth zipper wrapped and hooked strap. Personalise it by getting your name embossed as well as add a metal charm to make it extra special. Our personalised Travel Pouch is available in three colours as well, black, tan and brown.  Let us know which of the above is your go-to travel pouch.