Personalised Gifts For Every Occasion

Personalised vegan leather gifts
Rushing to the nearest store or online shopping websites when you are looking for the perfect gift is a situation we find ourselves in most of the time. We end up buying and giving common gifts every time to our close friends and family. But, have you ever wondered about giving your loved ones a gift that is unique and stands out from the others? HereÒ€ℒs a list of personalised gifts (made of vegan leather!) that are apt for every occasion - whether unexpected or planned! 1) Personalised Soft Bound Diary for the friend you haven't seen since the pandemic - A perfect gift to give your friend whom you havenÒ€ℒt seen since the pandemic. This soft bound diary is the best place for your friend to write down all the notes during those endless zoom calls or for listing down all the places youÒ€ℒll need to travel or visit once he finally comes to meet you. You can get it personalised by printing their initials on it as well. It is also available in four colours, i.e, charcoal black, saddle tan, dark blue and berry blue. 2) Personalised Mini Wallet for the family - Did you also have a family member who came down to visit you for a few days but got stuck in your city or house for months before they could travel again? Our personalised mini wallet is an ideal compact wallet to prevent your family members from carrying those bulky wallets while they travel around your city. The wallet is inspired by minimal accessory design and is made using premium and sustainably sourced leather that has been aged and tanned to perfection. You can also customise it by adding a metallic charm and a solid name strip. Personalised Gift For Him 3) Personalised Laptop Organiser for your partnerÒ€ℒs work from home woes - You can now solve your partnerÒ€ℒs office woes, while simultaneously protecting their most valuable gadget with our personalised laptop organiser. It features separate pockets for your laptop and other related accessories. All that your partner needs is available in one place. You can add in your own personal touch by embossing their name on it. It is also available in three colours, i.e, black, brown and tan. The Black Box Co Personalised Laptop Organiser 4) Personalised Office Folder for the colleague who misses you at work - Work from home has had its ups and downs. While some of us have got used to the new normal of working from home, there are some people who miss going to work at the office and hanging around with their colleagues during lunch breaks. Our personalised office folder is a perfect gift to give your co-worker who misses working at the office. This folder will hold everything your co-worker needs. You can make this folder different from the others by embossing a name on it as well as by accessorizing it with charms. Personalised Office Folder 5) Passport Cover for yourself to take that long pending family vacay - We all have missed our family vacations due the pandemic. Now with everything getting back to normal, it is time to rescue our passports from the dusty corners of our cupboard and plan a long vacation. Our personalised passport cover is a perfect gift to give your sibling who has missed travelling and hasnÒ€ℒt seen his passport since years. You can personalise it by adding a metal charm as well as by embossing your siblings name on it. It is also available in ten different colours, i.e, black, tan, brown, peach, green, light blue, dark blue, red, grey and pink. personalized passport cover Let us know what personalized items you are planning to give your loved ones as per their situations.