Personalised Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

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Buying gifts for loved ones can be a tricky affair and gift-giving occasions seem to be popping up all year round. Or sometimes, you want to gift someone something out of gratitude or simply for the sake of it- as they are really important in your life. But finding the right gifts for your loved ones can be tedious, confusing and long drawn out affair. You want to find a gift that matches their personality and that they will adore. The gift should also portray how much you love and care about them and how much effort and thought you put into it. After all, walking into a store and picking the first thing you see will not necessarily make the best gift. Now that online shopping has taken the world by a storm, most gifts are literally just a click away. But this doesnÒ€ℒt mean that buying the gifts becomes easier. There is something like too many choices which makes the process even more confusing. But, it doesnÒ€ℒt have to be. Buying gifts should be as fun and chilled out as giving and receiving gifts. The Black Box Co. realises that there are different and unique people in your life who you need to buy gifts for and has come up with gifts for the seven different types of people in your life. The best part is that these are personalised gift ideas and can be custom-made according to you. That is surely going to get you brownie points for extra thought that you put into the gift. So hereÒ€ℒs the list for personalised gift ideas with 7 different types of gift boxes for the people that you are grateful for in your life.

1. Globetrotter:

This gift box is for that loved one who has at least one of these three adjectives in their social media bio- jetsetter, wanderlust, and globetrotter. Quite simply put, this person seeks thrilling adventures and is ready to dust off their suitcase at any given point in time. They wander and wonder, have hung up a big world map in their room and can recite 15 different facts about any given country at the drop of a pin. They are a free spirit. You adore them for this and for bringing back chocolates or fridge magnets from every country they have visited. You can show them how much you adore their globetrotting ways with this gift box that has two luggage tags, one passport cover, and one travel pouch. Β All of them can be personalised, are made of robust vegan leather and look extremely stylish. The luggage tags make even the most boring suitcases look trendy and cool. The passport cover protects the passport from dust and damage while looking chic. The travellerÒ€ℒs pouch can hold all of the essentials that are required while travelling like toothbrush, comb, makeup and even accessories. The passport cover and the travellerÒ€ℒs pouch come adorned with a charm of your choosing- so you can best describe the personality of the recipient. This globetrotter gift box contains every globe trotterÒ€ℒs dream- stylish and useful items that are a constant no matter where they go in the world.

2. Travel Tricks:

This gift box is for the traveller who loves to plan and organise things. They love to see and experience everything that the world has to offer but only if they have planned everything to the last minute and detail. They like their things to be in their places even when travelling and come up with the best itineraries that make being a tourist and efficient job. If you know someone like this and would love to tell them how much you appreciate them and their splendid organisation and planning of every trip, then this gift box is perfect. This personalised gift ideas box has two luggage tags and one travel wallet. Both the luggage tags and the travel wallet have been classily designed from sustainably sourced leather. Β They are available in three different colours (tan, brown, and black) that scream sophistication. You can even add a charm that matches the personality of the recipient to the travel wallet. I am sure your loved ones would appreciate the luggage tags as they not only make your luggage look cool, but also prevent them from getting lost. The travel wallet is perfect for keeping all your travel documents like your passport, boarding pass, visa, cars etc in one place and keeps you on top of your travelling game. It is every organised travellerÒ€ℒs dream to own something that helps them be organised in such a stylish manner.

3. Daily Essentials Gift Box:

This gift box is for that special loved one who believes that it is the little things that make life big. They focus more on the little things that bring happiness and love to pen down beautiful thoughts and observations. They see the beauty in things that no one can and love pursuits of the literature and artistic kind. They are true dreamers but sometimes need help being organised and staying in reality. If you know someone like this and want to thank them for all the positive vibes that they bring into your life, then the daily essentials gift box is the perfect way to do this. Β This gift box has a beautifully crafted notepad in which they can pen down their thought and observations of the world or even their to-do list to keep them on track. It has a cute and chic keychain that makes losing keys very hard because no one can lose their keys when they are attached to such a beauty. It also has a minimalistic and chic card-holder that keeps all your cards in one place. All of these items can be personalised and are made of robust vegan leather that can withstand dust and damage. These are the perfect goodies that show that little things in life can make a big difference and can bring a smile even on the worst days.

4. Traveller's Gift Box:

There are so many different types of traveller's and beyond their love for travelling most of them have nothing in common. They each have their own unique characteristics and this gift box is for the anxious traveller. They get nervous even before they get on a plane and envision all the hundreds of horrible things that could transpire. Their restless heart never gets a respite and they are a tangle of anxiety and anticipation. Of course, this is just before the plane leaves the runway because after that they are a ball of enthusiastic energy. If this sounds like someone you know, and you would love to thank them for making every trip so entertaining then this traveller's gift box is the best gift for them. Not only will it soothe their nerves but it will also make them super happy as they now own some very chic products. Β This gift box contains one passport cover, one luggage tag and one flat pouch. All of these products can be customised and are designed with the leathery goodness of sustainably sourced leather. You can even add a cute metallic charm to the passport cover and the flat pouch. The flat pouch can be used to store all travel essentials like travel documents, card etc. It is the perfect gift box to keep the anxious traveller's heart in control and things in place!

5. Shaken not Stirred:

This gift box is for the mixologist expert, the person who loves and knows how to throw an epic party. In short, it is for the party animal with a passion for making drinks. This mixologist expert is always coming up with new drinks and has even named one after you. They throw the best and most coveted parties and have mastered the art of being a good host/hostess. If this describes your loved one and you would like to thank them for making your Friday/Saturday night fun and for the drink that they named after you; then this gift box is perfect. Β This gift box contains all the things needed for a perfect party minus your party animal friend- the stirrer, tongs, bar blade, measurer, spoon with muddler end, ice bucket and shaker. All of these things are designed with stainless steel and look classy and chic. This useful gift box is coveted for its longevity and functionality. It can be a great wedding gift too as the couple can toast to their long and happy marriage with a drink fashioned by them. This gift box will make your local and favourite mixologists dream come true and they will surely name one more drink after you!

6. Couple Passport Cover Gift Box:

This gift box is for that couple who believes that a couple that travels together stays together. This couple love exploring new places and together and are serious couple goals. Their social media is filled with cute and romantic pictures of them from all over the world. They paint the towns red with their fun and romantic antics. If you know a couple like this and would love to tell them that you are their number one shipper then this is a great gift box for them. It can work well as an anniversary gift or even as good luck on all your adventures gift. Β This gift box has two passport covers that are made from vegan leather and come in ten different colours ranging from black to bright red. The covers can also be customised with their names embossed on a leather strip and a pretty metallic charm. Not only do these covers keep the passport from getting damaged or dirty, but they also make it look pretty stylish. The passport cover also has a soft suede inner lining for added protection. Your couple friends would simply adore their beautiful passport covers that would make everyone at the airport envious of them.

7. Workaholic Gift Box:

This personalised gift ideas are perfect for that loved one that is always hustling, superfluous and vigilante. They hate taking a break and their motto is they will have time to rest when they are dead. They love working and often joke that they are married to their work. They always reach the office early and leave late and work harder than everybody. If your loved one is a staunch workaholic, then this gift box is a way to show your appreciation for someone who always motivates you to work harder. Β The items in this gift box are extremely useful for a person who is always on the go. It contains one personalised diary, cardholder and a keychain. They are specially designed with vegan leather and are minimalistic and no-nonsense just like the workaholic desire. This does not mean that they are not uber-sophisticated and classy. The personalised diary is perfect for jotting down important meetings, schedules, and to-do lists. It is specially made for someone who prefers doing these things the old fashioned way-with pend and paper. This gift box is every workaholicÒ€ℒs heartÒ€ℒs desire as it not only adds a flair of finesse to professionalism but is also high on functionality. This concludes the list of seven different personalised gift ideas boxes for your loved ones with different personalities. This list is sure to make your gift buy experience simpler and better. If you loved the gift boxes that were featured on this list, then there is more where those came from. The Black Box Co. has more specially curated gift boxes that can be perfect personalised gift ideas for each and every occasion. Happy Shopping!