Personalised Gift Ideas for Friendship’s Day

Personalised Gift ideas for friends
Friendship’s Day is around the corner and it is definitely one of the most beautiful bonds in the world. Friends can uplift your mood in seconds and make you laugh even in the seemingly most impossible situations. The day is a chance to acknowledge and appreciate friends that make your life worth living. While you may not be able to hug it out, we have curated a list of 5 personalised gifts to help you spread your love. 1. Personalised Passport Cover - A perfect gift to give your travel buddy. You can now finally twin, by having the same personalised passport covers that let you carry your passport, currency, cards and more . You can even add in your own touch of personalisation and can even add in a metal charm. Personalised Passport Cover 2. Gadget Organiser - We all have that one friend from the group who is a complete tech geek and the one who has an OCD for organising their stuff. This personalised gadget organiser is the perfect gift for them. It keeps everything in one place and will help them live a stress free life from tangling wires. Gadget Organiser - Travel Essentials 3. Laptop Bag - Help your friend secure their most valuable technology gadget, by gifting them a personalised laptop bag. You can emboss the case by adding a name to it and you can also add in a metal charm to the case. 4. Pen Stand - Who says a lot of stationery is enough stationery? While some of us will have friends who love collecting books or who love collecting stationery. This friendship’s day, you can give your friend a personalised pen stand to keepall their stationery. Personalised pen stand for stationery lovers 5. Multipurpose Pouch - We all have that one friend who is not only our personal make-up artist but also the one who carries everything we might possibly need ;). Why not help her organise her daily essentials by giving her a personalized multipurpose pouch? It is available in 7 colours and can be personalised by adding the initials. Multipurpose Pouch We hope this list helps you spread your love to your friends this friendship’s day!