Best Corporate Gifting Ideas In 2019

Corporate Gifting Ideas

Best Corporate Gifting Ideas

The sort of present you give someone can have an enduring impression on the receiver. A gift will make a person feel special so it is important that when selecting a gift, you always keep the receiver in mind. In this case, the employees. The term Corporate gift or Corporate gifting has been in existence for a long period of time. Corporate Gifts are generally valuable items offered by the employer to their employees as a token of goodwill or appreciation. Most large firms have policies for giving business gifts to their employees. Then why do we need another list of ideas for corporate gifts if it's already dealt with you ask? Simply because things change. The list that worked amazingly in the past might not work in the coming time. In fact, it may not even work with today's workforce. The basic foot rule for gifting is simple: A small thought goes a long way. Here are some Do's and Don'ts for corporate gifting.

Personalise Your Gifts

A personalised gift speaks highly about the gift-giver and creates a lasting impact on the mind of the receiver. It ascertains a connection and celebrates the bond. In this case, a dash of personal touch will do just fine. A handwritten note by the employer attached to the gift never ceases to work. I've also seen people loving gifts that have their names engraved on it. I'm pretty sure it possibly should work with employees too

Do Not Compromise On The Quality

While planning for corporate gifts, it's best that you start off by deciding your budget. While having a good budget is always great, there are a lot of great corporate gift options that you can opt from without breaking the bank. Give only the best that comes within your budget. Having a limited budget is okay, but compromising on quality isn't something you would want to do. The gift you are giving your employees directly impacts the reputation of your company. So, spend wisely.

Do Not Insert Promotions

The whole motive behind corporate gifting is to thank your employees and to offer a caring gesture. You would not want to make a look like a promotional act. You're also putting in your efforts, time and money in creating a meaningful corporate gift, so you might want to add your company's logo on it. While a small company logo somewhere might not hurt much,t it would be better if you stay away from making your gift a marketing piece. If you're able to offer a meaningful gift to your employees, they'll remember you regardless.

Be Appropriate

The reason why corporate gift giving is more difficult than personal gift giving is because it comes with a lot of guidelines. You want to customize gifts and be innovative but the gift also has to be appropriate in the business environment. You would not want to be too funny, too casual or too personal either. If you're in a dilemma, use your own judgment. Ask yourself what the impression of the gift-giver would be if you've had received the same gift and act accordingly.


Nothing can beat a meaningful and original gift idea. The tradition of gift-giving in big corporates and large firms has been there for decades. So naturally, if you are planning to give something memorable you have to be creative.

When To Give

It might seem obvious that Corporate Gifts are given out around holidays or festivals. But you might want to reconsider that. Cultural differences must be acknowledged if you have a diverse range of people working in your organization. I will suggest you do a little research on the important events and festivals of your people and offer them gifts accordingly. Gifts given out only during specific festivals such as Diwali might create a sense of dissatisfaction amongst employees who come from diverse religious backgrounds and groups. If you offer gifts to your employees during a time when everybody else is doing the same, it might just be taken as a trend and employees might feel indifferent about it. Unexpected gifts at times when your employees are least expecting it, on the other hand, will create a sense of belongingness and lead to a higher level of satisfaction. Additionally, gifting employees on their personal milestones such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays, promotion, etc automatically adds to the value of the gift.

Presentation Of The Gift

Once you have thought of the gifts and decided on the time to hand them out, you can proceed to a nice presentation of your gifts. A nice presentation with a formal wrapping along with a handwritten note is a great way to present the gifts. The best way to give a corporate gift or business gift is to deliver it personally. If not, ensure the gift is being delivered to the right address at the right time. Timely delivery is the essence of gift-giving and especially corporate gift-giving. Also, sending business gifts to the recipient's office address is more appropriate than sending to the home address. Here Are Some Gifting Ideas To Make Your Gift Giving Easier.
  • Personalised Tablet Organiser

If you're looking for something your employees will use daily and would keep them organized your search probably ends here. Get this tablet organizer personalised as per your liking and it will definitely prove to be an amazing gift to your employees. It would definitely lessen the mess in your office briefcase or bag and also keep your electronics from getting scratched and earphones tangled. This personalised tablet organizer is made up of synthetic leather and can fit in any tablet that ranges up to ten inches.
  • Personalised Laptop OrganiserΒ 

Obsessed with your laptop and its safety. This is why our Personalised laptop organizer is perfect for any employee who travels day in and out. It ensures the safety of your laptop while also preventing it from getting scratched or accumulating dust. What's more, you ask? You can also add a personal touch to this organizer and make it even more special for your employees. This laptop organizer can fit in a thirteen-inch laptop and is made up of vegan leather. And is probably the best gift you could give to your employees.
  • Personalised Folio Book

You must have come across messy papers strewn over a place at least once in your life. If you struggle with keeping papers you've written on then a folio file is something that you may like to own. This personalised folio comes in the dimensions 13x10 inches. It also comprises of tiny pockets made for you to keep cards, pencils or whatever else you wish to put in there, which makes it ideal for a professional client meeting or even everyday use.
  • Personalised Notepad

If your employees keep making checklists, writing notes, etc this pocket notebook is the perfect gift to be received. This personalised notepad can be customized according to your liking and comes in the dimensions of 10 x 14 cms. It also consists of a hundred pages and makes taking down notes a more fun job.
  • Personalised Pen Stand

If you have a messy office table with pens strewn all over this custom pen stand is ideal for you. You can have a pen stand with a personalised touch at your table at all times. It will not only make your table look much cleaner but will also add a professional touch to any office table. This pen stand is made of vegan leather and comes in the dimensions 10.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 cms. You could also check The Black Box for Curated Gift Boxes for your employees by clicking here. They have a variety of corporate gifts that have amazing quality and are affordable at the same time. These add an amazing touch to your offices and are also really useful. No matter what gifting option you may choose it should convey the basic gesture of care and appreciation as that is the whole purpose of corporate gifting. We hope you found a lot of value in this short guide on Best Corporate Gifting Ideas In India! To check out more such awesome products visit our shop at The Black Box Co Happy Gifting!