5 Reasons To Gift A Personalised Leather Passport Cover

personalised leather passport cover

Do I Really Need A Passport Cover..?

Absolutely! Everybody needs a protective personalised leather passport cover at some point whether or not they are frequent travellers is another question, regardless, this 125 Γ— 88 mm booklet is the most important document for any individual which implies that your international traveller’s identity document needs special encasing. Nonetheless, everybody today possesses a passport: some aspiring to travel someday, others travel for networking their businesses cum enterprises and with conducive travelling conditions like faster transit, cheaper fare, digital planning, etc, a huge chunk of the younger population around the world have popularly been in a travelling-spree, kindling their travel flame, pursuing their respective ventures of thrill and curiosity while seeking to witness various wonders of the planet, Earth and its many diverse, indigenous world-cultures with more to look forward to, always. So, there’s no way this is going to fizzle off anytime soon, all the reasons why travel items and utilities have modernised to foster travel and furthermore have soared to be popular gifting options for people who like their documents well assorted and their bags packed waiting to catch the next flight out of the city. While we officially present one of these travel utilities viz passport covers as a travel-mandate, we shall also go through a series of benefits and reasons for upgrading to modern-day travel habits.

Ensuring Wear-Safety

Personalised leather passport cover and cases are purposefully designed to ensure careful handling of your most sacred travel document, especially when you are travelling abroad and your legal identification is critical. A passport case usually comes well compartmentalized for encasing your passport booklet along with other essential documents like boarding passes, credit card, etc, providing world-class edge-to-edge wear and tear protection.

An Edge To Your Personality

If there’s anything travelling brings along other than thrill, drive to go on and a fresh worldview it is that the passports carry along is a lot of handling marks and stickers that leave your passports looking old and messy. A personalised leather passport cover will not only have your name embossed on it but represents you and personality a stylish classy edge that changes the way your passport is handled over counters and customs gateway clearance. Furthermore, a 100% stylish vegan leather passport wallet, customized to a user’s preference is an added motivation that could be the ideal and the most appreciated travel-related gift that you could either gift yourself or another blooming traveller.

Ensuring RFID Skimming Protection

Most leather and synthetic casings provide commendable protection from Radio-Frequency-Identification skimming, a digital information theft from RFID-enabled data encoded tags which enables fraudsters to access to personal information which can result in data forgery and duplication. RFID is also the technology responsible for encoding credit card-related data, so in case you decide to keep them together in a travel wallet, ensuring its RFID protection.

Travel-Doc Organization

A compartmentalized travel wallet is the most convenient, all-in-one travel-accessory that helps in organising and placing all the frequently used documents and utilities other than your passport like a boarding pass, credit/debit card, calling cards, loose cash/coins and airport receipts. Making sure that you don’t need to reach out for your bag every time you need something important and that it all fits conveniently in your hand.


If you already aware that leather is a durable material that lasts longer then you haven’t yet been acquainted with faux leather a.k.a. Vegan leather. This synthetic leather is known for taking over the leather market relentlessly as it is much affordable, sturdy, sustainable and can be crafted to form endless designs and textures that quite often seems to put conventional leather to shame. Above all, vegan leather is cruelty-free leather which means, no animal skin required for harvesting it while still meeting your need to feel luxurious. So, if you really are a travel-junkie or another visiting parent/grandparent, a traveling businessman and executive then you ought to look at this accessory as a must-buy featuring on your list of travel accessories for your next trip. You may also want to check out our The Black Box co personalised gifts collection which also includes travel-wallet variations and much more.