5 Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas for Brothers

Raksha bandhan Gift ideas
Raksha Bandhan is right around the corner and along with the festival of celebrating the bond between a brother and a sister, comes the dilemma of picking out a gift that would suit your brother the best. Gone are the days, where a box of chocolates, clothes and coffee mugs could make for the best gift for brothers; the ideas are old and worn out. While extravagance is most certainly aimed for when it comes to gifting, it is no mystery that today, quite a few men appreciate the simpler things in life. Sometimes, finding even the simplest gift with the idea to spark nostalgia of all the fights you had as kids can be powerful in the moment. Today personalized gifting is all the rage and finding something that your brother can actually use on a regular basis can make the entire gifting process fun. With the festival just a fortnight away from us, weÒ€ℒve identified exactly the right gift depending upon what kind of personality your brother has. Whether heÒ€ℒs an indoor or outdoor person, whether he likes travel or sports, whether heÒ€ℒs a workaholic or a stickler for being organized, we at The Black Box Co. have all the perfect accessories in store for you and him. LetÒ€ℒs dig in.
  • Travel Accessories:
If your brotherÒ€ℒs the kind to travel the world and attach #wanderlust at the end of each and every one of his instagram posts, you know youÒ€ℒve got to start looking for some sturdy travel accessories that can accompany him on his travels. From on-the-go personalized travel pouches, cases for his glasses and travel wallets to hold their passports. Finding something that is useful, personalised and memorable for him will not only make him happy but also give him the chance to think twice before he forgets his sunglasses at the beach again.
  • Office Accessories:
Is your brother always at work? Does his mind wander off into places where he is undisturbed at his desk? Did he have the nerve to try and reschedule rakhi plans for another day? Well congratulations! YouÒ€ℒve got a workaholic bro. Now, thereÒ€ℒs nothing wrong with having a workaholic brother, as long as his work doesnÒ€ℒt get in the way of quality family time. It must come off as no mystery then, that the best gift for a workaholic person is to fuel their workaholism with stuff they can use everyday. Personalised Office accessories make for great gifts when the person youÒ€ℒre gifting them to spends more time at work than at home, The Black Box Co. has offerings that range from sleek looking pen stands and cases, laptop covers, gadget organisers and pocket notepads that will look amazing on a desk and can all be customized with his name to give it that personal touch. Since it's made from the sturdiest vegan leather, it lasts longer than most other products and is easy on the environment. Folio Book, Personalised Folio Book
  • Clothing Accessories:
Is your brother the kind of guy who is wearing a suit no matter the weather or occasion? Then heÒ€ℒs probably the dapper looking, approachable gentleman at social gatherings who also just happens to be the life of the party. Perhaps a pair of shiny new cufflinks or a dazzling new lapel pin would suit his taste along with personalized pocket squares to add a sprinkle of color on a dark tuxedo. For the brothers who have a dashing sense of style and love to look prim and proper whether it be a trip to the grocery store or on professional outings; weÒ€ℒve got exactly what he needs to add that stylistic touch to his debonair look. Knot Cufflinks silver
  • Craft your own Gift Box:
If youÒ€ℒre still a bit confused and are looking to make a grand gesture with a gift for your brother, how about crafting a custom box of personalized accessories and top quality food and beverages? Perhaps you could add in a custom keychain with an organizer made for his iPad. If your brother is a connoisseur of coffee or wine (or any other beverage), itÒ€ℒs not a bad idea to add a premium brand into the mix. With customized boxes, the possibilities are endless, and thereÒ€ℒs no excuse for not being able to do something even if it is for someone more mature. Try it out and let us know! Pro tip: You can make a customised black box box for your brother at our website. Curated Box
  • Enjoy a meal:
Food is always a treat, and though having an occasion to splurge on food isnÒ€ℒt always a necessity, finding a new place or taking your brother to his favorite restaurant for a hearty meal can just hit the spot. While the current situations donÒ€ℒt let us move out of our house as often as we want to, recreating his favorite dish (together?) might just serve the purpose! Maybe it's a dish from your favorite restaurant or something that takes you back on a nostalgic trip. We all know, food never disappoints! If youÒ€ℒre still stuck wondering what other options youÒ€ℒve got available, or you wish to try something new altogether, know that at the end of the end of the day, raksha bandhan is about celebrating the strengthening of the bond between a brother and his sister, with the gift being a token of appreciation for one another. Regardless of how extravagant it is, if itÒ€ℒs powerful enough to invoke emotion, youÒ€ℒve got it right.