Tips to organize your gadgets

Can you imagine a life without your beloved phone or your sleek laptop? We certainly cannot! We are part of a generation that starts and ends its day with a gadget. Be it home where we are constantly glued to our phones with our earphones lying around or offices where we head to with all our gadgets & accessories in tow. 

But as much as we love our gadgets, the messy bunch of wires, entangled earphones and gadgets stuffed in our office bags can be really annoying. And not to forget the times when we end up damaging the wires while trying to detangle them. To help you organise your gadgets (and to increase their longevity), here are some tips.

Look for inspiration 

When your workspace is strewn with charging wires, pens, earphones, notebooks, post- its and crumbs from the cookies you ate last evening, you will have no motivation to work. It is because if your desk is cluttered, so are your thoughts and ideas. Working in an untidy setting will have a bad impact on your productivity. All you need to do is clear up and allow yourself to have a calm workspace.

Personalized Notepad

And if you are looking to start somewhere to organise your gadgets then there is no harm in seeking inspiration from the web. A quick search on Pinterest and you will find uncountable pictures of organised spaces with all the stationery, gadgets and wires arranged meticulously that sure will help you get some tips to arrange your space.

You can also start with a small exercise to make sure that your workspace is spotless and well organised. Arrange your stationery and devices in a way that they are visible and accessible at all times so that you don’t waste time looking for things. This can be done either when you end your day or half an hour before you start your day.

Invest in Accessories
Now that you know that it is important to organise your workspace, you must invest in some accessories that will aid you to declutter the mess:

  • Laptop case: You should get your hands on a laptop case to ensure that your laptop is protected and tucked away nicely when not in use. You can also use it to store loose sheets with important notes or small wires.
  • Airpod case: If you are one who is scrambling through every item on the work desk to find his airpods before an important call then you really need an airpod case.
  • Personalised cord wrap: Easily lose your charger and earphones? It is with you when you leave home and by the time you reach work, it has disappeared. 

You need to find yourself a cord wrap so you can keep your wires handy without losing them or having them entangled. 

Personalized Cord Organiser

Organise your workspace even at home

The pandemic has taught us that our homes also need to double up as a comfortable workspace. Even at home you should allot some time to clear up the mess of wires and gadgets on your table to have a pleasant work day. 

Make sure the corner you work at is clear of any tangled wires and keep aside all the unimportant items. You need to ensure that your workspace is spick and span to ensure a productive and focused day. 

Buy a Gadget Organiser & use while traveling 

Even when we travel for vacation, we have a separate travel pouch for toiletries and accessories, why not for gadgets? Every time someone needs their phone charger, it is tangled among other wires and is lost in the depths of your backpack. 

When you plan your next vacation, make a list of the gadgets and wires you are carrying to make sure you don’t lose any. And use the Gadget Organiser to keep all of your gadgets in one place.

Personalized gadget organiser

It will help you keep track of your gadgets, especially USB drives and earphones that are notorious for getting lost when you need them the most. It can accommodate all your charging pins, wires and so on. Apart from being so convenient it can also be personalized with your name on it. You can now carry all your gadgets with you in style and not worry if you have missed or lost anything in the mess!

With your gadgets organised , you will be able to Work Easy and Travel Easy!

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