Merlin’s Beard

This Black Box Contains:

  • 1 Beardo Beard Wash (100 ml)

  • 1 Beardo Beard Oil (30 ml)

  • 1 Personalised Pouch (Size: 21 x 8 x 7 cms)

  • - Material: Synthetic Leather
    - No Special Characters and Numbers

    Ships in Black Box Ships in a Black Box   Delivered in 7-9  Business Days Delivered in 7 - 10 Business Days  



    From tacky facial growth to a fashion statement – beards have come a long way. Stubbly goatees, french cuts and 5’o clock shadows are now for amateurs, men around the world have embraced their facial hair in all its glory. Be it Ron Swanson inspired smooth bushes or full on Dumbledores, men have let their beards grow unhindered. Styling beards has become a serious job and we at The Black Box Co. appreciate its seriousness. Our box packs a beard oil to make your handlebars soft and flowy, beard wash to keep away the dirt and a fine tooth comb to straighten those unruly tresses in a nifty pouch with your name that comfortably accommodates all of these for your travels.