Pop fizz clink

This Black Box Contains:

  • Set of 2 Personalised Champagne Glasses (165ml)

  • Set of 2 “Cheers” Cork Coasters
  • ₹1,850.00

    “Cheers” Cork Coasters   +₹0.00
    Glasses   +₹0.00

    Ships in Black Box Ships in a Black Box   Deliveres in 7-10  Business Days Delivered in 7-10 Business Days  

    Does not contain alcohol  Does not Contain Alcohol



    A champagne glass is more than a container of golden liquids. It is more than its sleek stem. It is more than the perfectly rounded edges of its top. It is an entity, in and of itself. The exquisitely shaped glass exterior houses the bubbly insides of a sweet golden nectar, gulped down in slow, longing sipfuls. A champagne glass is more than a glass. It is a sight to behold.