Fan-tea-stic Pour

This Black Box Contains:

  • 1 Personalised Tea Cup (260ml)

  • 1 Wooden “But first Tea” Coaster (3.5” x 3.5”)

  • Ships in Black Box Ships in a Black Box   Delivered in 7-10  Business Days Delivered in 7 - 10 Business Days  



    Sipping it from the finest china or slurping noisily on clay kulhads cutting-style; tea transcends class, race and gender boundaries in India. Green, black, oolong, earl grey, rose, darjeeling - India consumes tea in gargantuan quantities on a daily basis. We need a cuppa to start the day, accompany us throughout the day and one to finish the day. Such is our dependence on tea that the commonly used phrase "India runs on chai" is no exaggeration, but a statement of fact. For the platoon of tea enthusiasts out there, this box is a one stop shop for all your tea-infused dreams. Drink up!