This Black Box Contains:

  • Set of 2 Personalised Wine Glasses (195ml)
  • Set of 2 Personalised Metal Coasters (3.5” x 3.5”)

  • Note: The Metal Coasters will be the same as the designs selected for the glasses


    Coaster (3.5")   +₹0.00
    Personalized Wine Glasses   +₹0.00

    Ships in Black Box Ships in a Black Box   Deliveres in 7-10  Business Days Delivered in 7-10 Business Days  

    Does not contain alcohol  Does not Contain Alcohol



    A glass of wine a day, keeps the doctor away. Okay so the original quote was about apples, but wine does for your soul that which apples can’t. It trickles its way up to your brain and tickles it mischievously, inducing happiness and relieving the pain of your daily life. Wine is your companion on nights lonely and lively. It is a loyal friend who never ditches you for another. You see, wine doesn’t ask questions, wine understands.