What Not To Gift Him

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Mar 23, 2016 3:27:00 PM

Gone are the days when you gave your boyfriend cheesy gifts. Sure, that was cool when you were in high school. He will smile his perfect smile and tell you that he absolutely loved the heart – shaped red pillow you bought him for his birthday, but think again.. Does your man really want that? You gotta reserve the frills for your girlfriends!

Men are simple. But there’s a certain complexity to their simplicity. Getting the perfect gift may seem quite a task, but one of the surest ways to do it right is to figure out what to avoid giving him!

Here we’ve compiled a list of things your man definitely doesn’t want:


He does not want to imagine you going into the store and asking the man behind the counter for items of his size .. major awkies! :D

Romantic trinkets

Men like manly stuff! So a big no to an ‘I love you’ frame or mug! Give him a personalised beer mug instead and he’s gonna adore you!

A gift which is actually for you :P

It’s his day, it’s got to be all about him, ladies!

Gift certificates

It is indeed a very sweet gift and he would surely love to know that he is the ‘best boyfriend in the world’. But he wouldn’t have much use for it. So why not add something along with the certificate? Maybe a pair of cool cuff links for special occasions?

Household-y stuff and décor

He would probably want something more personal. Also he might want to shop for his furniture and knick knacks by himself. So a no for décor!


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