5 Reasons He Should Not Be Shy of Grooming

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Rashi Biyani

Aug 28, 2016 6:30:00 AM

5 Reasons He Should Not Be Shy of Grooming


Once upon a time, a man who spent a lot of time in front of his wardrobe deciding what to wear and then in front of the mirror getting rid of his shirt creases or setting his hair for ‘the perfect look’, was looked at with suspicion and scorn. A lot of research articles say that well-groomed men are the most sought after for a job, an activity or a task. A well-dressed man is more approachable.

If you have been shy of taking time to shop for the best pair of pant and shirt or of looking over the best products for grooming, then don’t. Let us tell you why…



1. Well-groomed Men Are Preferred Over Messy and Casual Looking Ones

On one hand, hair set neatly, clean shaven or a well maintained beard, crisp shirt/t-shirt, clean pants and the right pair of shoes to go with them all. On the other hand, unruly hair, unkempt beard, creased shirt and pants and slippers. Whom will you prefer talking to if it is the first time? Without a doubt, the former one. So men, it is loud and clear that swag is not the choice of a lady!


2. Oozes Confidence and Command

You may be a successful person who has recently bought a high-end car but if your attire is not in alignment with your image, then you will be judged accordingly. There is something intimidating about men with a sharp taste that portrays command. And you know what it is said about first impressions- you get to make only one! You wouldn’t want to make a deceptive one, would you?


3. Your Clothes Speak Before You Do

Clothes are suggestive of the kind of attitude you have towards things. A well-dressed man is seen as taking things seriously while a shabby look means a laid-back attitude. An immaculate appearance screams seriousness. It gives an impression that you are a man with something to look out for!


4. You Have a Refined Taste

If eyes are the window to the soul then clothes are the window to your style. Set a style-statement of your own, the one that defines class and ‘you’! Don’t follow the herd. Be a trend-setter and a man who knows what he wants.



5. Turns a Hundred Heads in Awe

A pleasant sartorial taste steals the show anywhere and everywhere! A thousand eyes will be fixed upon you if you have a personality to die for. So men, now you know that you can be a show-stunner and woo ladies with your perfect sense of dressing and an alluring appearance.


A man of taste. A man of choice. A man of charm. It’s a man who grooms. You have no reason to be shy.