7 Pro-lingo's used in a bar and why you can relate to them!

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Rashi Biyani

Sep 17, 2016 6:30:00 PM




Choose your booze & choose it wisely. What's your type? How would you like it? Shaken or stirred? Neat or garnished?

These are some essential phrases you will need to know in a bar not just to order a drink, but to order it in style.




Some people just hate diluting their drinks. These are the people you will find sloshed in one corner of the restroom or puking their hearts out. Unmixed liquor, i.e. liquor served without water, soda, ice or any other mixer is called 'neat'.


2. On The Rocks

On the rocks

In a bar, the term 'rocks' refers to 'ice'. Hence, when someone orders "Whiskey, on the rocks", they ask for a straight pour of whiskey in a glass with ice cubes. A classic and all-time favourite of the business class, this is a timeless type.


3. Straight-Up

Straight Up

This one is for the corporates and the sophisticated ones. A straight-up drink is either shaken or stirred with ice before being served. It is then served without ice. The drink is hence chilled and undiluted.


4. A Pint of Beer


Every any Indian and her/his definition of a pint will be different, because a pint is just not enough. Ever. Pint is a unit of measurement for beer. A pint is 330 ml of beer, packaged in a bottle, and fills up the entire pint glass.


5. Draught or Bottled?


Most often seen in the Hollywood classics, 'draught' (also called as 'draft') is a method of serving beer. It is the beer served from a cask or keg rather than from a bottle or can.


6. Bottoms Ups

Bottoms Up

This is typical of hard-core drinkers who challenge each other for their capacity of alcohol. You must have come across friends in parties calling for bottoms up. 'Bottoms up' is to down a drink in one time, one swig, no stopping till the drink is unfinished.


7. Shots


‘Baaki baatein peene baad’ is a party favourite because of its reference to the (nikke) shots ritual. Shots are alcohol drinks that are served in shot glasses. They are downed in one swig. Shots are generally very potent drinks and chances of getting drunk are more. Hence, do not call for shots if you do not have the capacity to hold your liquor.