If You Said "Men Are Careless", Take It Back

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Rashi Biyani

Jul 22, 2016 3:12:40 PM

If you look at a man’s room, you usually find it untidy. If you check his wardrobe, it is dishevelled. When you want to search for something in his bag, you have to struggle to find it. His 5-day old clothes are lying in a heap somewhere, stinking, along with a damp towel. Empty or half-filled packets of chips and biscuits scattered on the table is a very common sight. That is why most men seem to be disorganized and become the target of a women’s nagging.

Men contradict the notion of being disorganized when it comes to their boys’ toys. Some of these boys’ toys that occupy a special place in his heart are:


1. Video Game / PSP

Be it X-box, Play Station Portable or Nintendo Wii, he does not leave them carelessly in his room. They are taken out with complete care, used, wrapped again and placed in the box safely. Some men surprisingly still have their Game Boy or the Brick Game that they never ever give away to the scrap dealer.


2. Music CDs of Favourite Band

His books may be recklessly piled but the cassettes and CDs of his favourite bands are neatly arranged in the shelves of the book case.


3. Laptop / Tablet

When it comes to his gadgets and their accessories, he will not be tolerant. He is more possessive about his laptop, tablet and car than he is about his girlfriend.


4. Alcohol Bottles and Personal Whiskey Glass

His stock of whiskey (or other alcohol) is something that he prides on. He uses it very wisely and does not share it with anyone.


5. Camera

If he has a DSLR, a set of lens and a tripod, they will be kept secure in his camera bag. He goes crazy if he cannot find the lens cap. Except for himself, no one is allowed to change the lens or touch it.


6. Scale Model of a Car

If he is a tech geek and a lover of cars, you will see scale models of BMW, Bentley, Lamborghini or Hummer lined on his study table for everyone to see. He will love to scream of his choices of the swanky cars he is a fan of. Also treasured with these will be his remote control car, hot wheels set, transformer toy, a fighter tank, marbles, a sniper and all of his (literal) toys.


7. Childhood Collection of WWE Cards, Tazos and Beyblades

Go back to the days when Big Show was ranked 1st and we died to have him on our stack of WWE cards; the days when having the highest number of tazos – earned from the packet of Cheetos – was considered a matter of pride; the days when we challenged each other for Beyblade fights. He has secretly stored all of these and will not bargain them for anything


8. His Cricket Bat

Even if he may no longer be using it, his favourite cricket bat (out of the many he had bought) – a little battered, a little worn out - is resting at one edge on the wall, forming a significant part of his collections.


9. Fitness Equipment

He may not be a fitness freak but he still wants those envious abs. Dare you drop any of his equipment, he will not forgive you!

He may keep his clothes unkempt, and a birthday or anniversary card that you gave him may be lying in some corner, but these toys will be safely stacked or packed and deferentially kept in a place of which only he knows the location of.