7 Eccentric Geek Species, Deciphered!

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Rashi Biyani

Oct 4, 2016 6:30:00 AM


7 Eccentric Geek Species, Deciphered!


Gone are the days when geeks were considered an outcast. Even though they are a little eccentric and do not follow the trends of the society, they have an interesting personality and are equally intriguing. You are lucky if you fall in love with one!


1. The Book Geeks


You will see them sniffing the pages of an old book or a classic. These are the people who will quote authors and dialogues from a novel more than you use filmy dialogues. They will escape to their own world of stories and in reality will dream of meeting a person that matches their favourite character of their book.


2. The Gadget Geeks

Gadget geek

These are people who will read news only to see if a new gadget has been launched in the market. Their “hero” in the film is not the actual hero, it is the gadget the actor uses. They will jump into any conversation (even with strangers) if it is regarding gadgets.


3. The Encyclopedia Geeks


They are the “known” ones. These type of geeks have facts for breakfast, newspapers for lunch and non-fiction books for dinner. They know practically everything, about everything. Be it space, politics, wildlife, countries, mythology, cultures, science or famous personalities.


4. The Automobile Geeks


They know the logo of every brand of car and bikes, the price range of every model, the strengths of the company and the typical features of engineering of every big name in automobile. These people will not turn at the sight of a beautiful woman or a handsome man, but at the sight of a classy car that is zooming past them.


5. The Sport Geeks


"My wife said if I didn't stop being so obsessed with Manchester United, she'd leave me. I'm Really going to miss her."

They may or may not be playing a sport, but have an unusual obsession with their favourite sport or all the sports. Only death can stop them from watching a match. They will remember every shot, goal, victory, loss and the history of every team and player. They get very emotional when it comes to their favourite team and you will see them crying for its loss.


6. The Academic Geek

academic geek

These are the most sought during the exams. The photo copies of their notes will be lying at the nearest stationery shop of the college. They can predict the kind of questions that will be asked in exams. Their answer sheets are circulated in the entire exam hall. They are able to answer even out-of-syllabus questions.


7. The Computer Geeks


The computer geeks are the kind of people who love to fix things. They have gained the title of a “computer geek” because of their curious nature to know everything under the hood. You will see people going to them for the silliest problems and they solve all of them with ease.