Black sheep’s guide for Travel Gifting

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Rashi Biyani

May 2, 2017 6:30:00 PM


Vacations are here and the travel fanatics are ready with their To-Go list!  We are certain you must have planned to gift something to your friends in order to wish them a happy voyage .  But what have you decided to buy for them? We know you’re unsure and that’s why we have prepared a list of the most relevant options to match your friend’s Wanderlust.

1. Personalized Travel wallet: Does your friend keep style on the top of his priority list? If yes then gift them this personalized travel wallet that will shelter their documents while speaking high volumes of class.

2.Travel pouch: What happens when you appear to be a naïve in a foreign land? No one takes you seriously! Buy them this Personalized Travel pouch so that they can envelope their essentials in something that makes them appear a bird of passage. 

3. Personalized Passport Cover: You know it’s not easy to make an impact in a foreign land, But what if we make it easy for your mate? Gift them this Personalized Passport Cover to Armour their passport that’ll make it look so good that the officials wouldn’t mind them entering the VIP line, just like seen in the movies!

4. Trek stick with torch and compass: The fun in trekking is cut to half when you travel with a heavy backpack. But we can make it possible that you carry all the important gears while you scale the height of the hill without hurting your back! How? With this Trek stick with torch and compass! Gift it to them to Eliminate their hassle already.

5. Universal phone clip lens: Let’s take a bite of the reality sandwich, if you travel and your social media doesn’t know it, you didn’t travel! Help your friend to decorate their profile by Capturing the moments like a pro with Universal phone clip lens to set the likes on their posts rolling.

6. Gadget Organizer: Travelling is often accompanied with the stress of losing your gadgets, specially the earphones and charger, these boys are prone to be lost before you get home. Help them to Travel without worries with this Gadget Organizer that’ll be the guardian of all their Gadgets.

7.Feeling Anxious about losing your bag when you’re travelling is inevitable! Put their anxiety at rest by gifting a Luggage tag that signifies them, and out right stands apart from the rest!