Black sheep’s guide for Party Gifting

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Rashi Biyani

May 17, 2017 6:30:00 PM

Do you have a friend who loves to host parties, but always delivers an average one? Do you know why all parties are lit except the ones he hosts? It’s because others have the right ingredients to make their party a wild one while he highly depends on the participation of the guests and music to magically thrust in some life in the party! It’s your time to help him out! Don’t give him useless advices, give him a Black box!

Gifting Guide

Here are the necessary ingredients to make your friend reach the epitome of party hosting.


Personalized Beer Glasses

 Personalised beer glasses

What’s a party without alcohol? Disappointment!

Save them from disappointing their guests! Gift them Personalized Beer Glasses which make every chug a memorable one!


Personalized Whiskey Glasses

 personalised whiskey glasses

We know that the taste of whiskey brings out the narrator in you! Get ready to help your friend decorate the party with a jaw-dropping story accompanied by Personalized whiskey glasses! Keep the party on, until the whiskey is gone!


Gone with the Wine


Special functions deserve special treatment—that’s why the Wine Cellar is a preferred choice to host any type of private party. Hosting a wine tasting party comes in handy when one has access to a residential wine cellar


Swing Wars


So if you are ready to swing into action and create a great golf party, then grab your bag, pitch and, play 'em down, and get ready to take your victory lap for creating the perfect theme party.


A Pong of Fire and Ice


It wasn’t a great party if the guests don’t keep talking about it until the next week. Give your friend the magic gift that becomes the reason the party is talked about! Beer Pong!