5 Things you should not say to a guy who cannot grow a beard

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Rashi Biyani

Nov 17, 2016 3:30:00 PM

Is there that one guy in your group who is the target of all your jokes because he has not grown facial hair yet? The world is a rude place for men (or “poor guys” as they are called) who are unfortunate with beards. Apart from being called a “kiddo” or a “immature”, these are the seven mental tortures that they have to go through….universally, and regularly.

 1.“Lucky you don’t have to shave regularly”



 2.“Have you hit puberty yet?”



 3.“Aren’t you doing No Shave November? It’s for charity”



 4.Girls that say “I LOVEEE guys with beards”



 5.“Dude they won’t allow you. It’s an adult movie”