5 Things Not to Gift Your Valentine This Year.

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Rashi Biyani

Feb 2, 2017 6:30:00 PM

Valentine’s day is approaching, which means the world around you will be covered red and pink with cliché gifts all over. It’s not an easy job to find the perfect V-Day present which is the reason why people stick to cliché in order to avoid disappointing their partner when they open something completely random.

You cannot overlook this even if you want to, but you can avoid being boring!


These are the 5 Gifts to avoid giving this Valentine’s day


  1. Love-through-Poems Greeting Cards- We are pretty sure there are only 3 card messages that are rotated through different cards, you can never be sure that the card you’re offering this time carries a different message from what you gave the previous year or probably it just sounds similar.

  2. Heart shaped Jewelry: A heart shaped jewelry is beyond a shadow of doubt the most obvious choice and thus is not going to work if you plan to offer a unique present. Also, if the ring doesn’t fit well it’s an exercise in futility.

  3. The-Sweet-Romance Chocolate box: Of course, no one is going to complaint about receiving a chocolate box but they are eaten and forgotten at one fell swoop, don’t you want your gift to have a longer shelf life?

  4. Old-School-Lover Roses: The rose doesn’t symbolize love anymore, it rather symbolizes how lazy and boring you can get. Even if People act surprised looking at a rose, Let us tell you, they know they are coming!

  5. You-Need-It Perfume: Buying perfumes is a good idea only when you’re subtly trying to pass a hint that they need it. Otherwise, Cosmetics can be tricky to buy and also have a high risk of the person not liking it.