about the black box co

Since time immemorial, the war for women’s equality has been a never ending one. Every day we come across crusaders and their heroics fighting for the cause of gender
equality. While the concept has gained mass popularity there’s a flip side to it which has hardly gained any attention.

Ever wondered,
 WHY should women have all the fun? Raksha Bandhan, Mother’s day, Women’s day! It’s time for men to get some gifts too.
 WHY is the man supposed to plan something special?
WHY are men expected to pamper and shower their partners with gifts?

Things need to change and Men need to be rewarded for all the hard work they have been doing since centuries. They too have expectations except for another beer and the latest copy of Assassins Creed! Research says that the way to a man’s heart is not just through his stomach. You can sweep him off his feet too with that something which is not just out of the box, but Out Of The Black Box.

Our motto at The Black Box Co. is - No flowers, no photos, no ribbons – Basically no frill. Fortunately for you, The Black Box Co has done all the legwork for you! After great effort and research (you’re welcome :P ) and we have assembled the coolest stuff known to men into different collections, saving you the headache of hunting for the perfect gift. All you need to do is browse through our categories, pick what you like and have them shipped anywhere you want. Ain’t that neat?

At the expense of sounding narcissist we can say, We Know What A Man Wants!